@TheOldGuy if you can’t make it through an OANN interview on casual mode, you might be in trouble.

I would not even try. I don't do well with interviews. Even with a friend.

If you want to see how bad I am at interviews I just pinned a tweet on my page.

@AlwaysNeedMoreWeed the video is lost on me. Especially today while it's overcast. I am 2 miles from the cell tower and there is a high hill between here and there. Even picture are out today.

@TheOldGuy At the end of Gandalf saying "George Santos, you shall not pass as human! I added George in looking away from Gandalf. Hope you see it soon 😁

@TheOldGuy agreed, mountainous region's are no joke during the winter. Take care, stay warm.

Actually we are on a warming trend. Last week was terrible with single digit temperatures, snow, ice, and wind. Took out power in southeast Missouri to 65,000 homes. In Arkansas 100.000. The got it all fixed by Saturday and then another storm hit. They said in one county in Arkansas there were only 100 residences with power.
But the very worst was December 22 and 23. Temperature was -9⁰F and a 40 mph wind. Wind chill -40. I had the woodstove going full tilt and 3 electric heaters. It still got so cold that in a case of canned soda I had sitting on the floor, they started exploding. I pretty much stayed in bed. Had 3 regular blankets and one 50 year old wool blanket from Korea. Plus 3 cats curled up against me.

@TheOldGuy Wow, we are getting -10°F tonight and a high of 12°F tomorrow
🥶 <-- Me tomorrow, and everyday of winter.

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