The main news for today is that the United States will not block the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine by its allies, Austria has declared four Russian diplomats persona non grata on suspicion of espionage, the European Union has allocated a seventh package of €500 million and an additional €45 million for a military assistance mission to Ukraine, searches are being conducted in the Odesa and Sumy Regional Military Administrations, Italy will send the SAMP/T missile defense system to Ukraine within 7-8 weeks, Ukrainian military will be able to operate the Patriot air defense system within weeks, President held a meeting of the Stavka today, for the first time in a dual format, Norway's Prime Minister promises to increase support for Ukraine, the European Union will train 15,000 more Ukrainian soldiers and allocate 25 million euros for demining, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is the bottom.

@TheOldGuy Yes I'm very heartened by all this. By defending itself, Ukraine is also defending the Atlantic Alliance. The Baltic states get it. So does Poland. Everything must be done to ensure Ukraine wins on the battlefield.

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