Report of the Commander-in-Chief General Oleksandr Syrskyi regarding the situation at the northern frontline:

​​In connection with the complication of the situation in the east of Ukraine, I have been working for several days in a row in the units that are conducting combat operations in the Kharkiv region.

The enemy expanded the zone of active hostilities by almost 70 kilometers, thus trying to force us to use an additional number of brigades from the reserve.

The main efforts of the enemy were concentrated in the direction of Strelech - Lypka and on the captured Vovchansk, with further access to Bily Kolodyaz and the deployment of the offensive in the rear of our troops.

For this purpose, the enemy created and significantly strengthened the Sevier operational-tactical grouping of enemy troops, which included combat units of the 6th Army, 11th and 44th Army Corps.

The enemy launched an offensive well ahead of schedule when he noticed the overturning of our troops, however, he failed to break through our defenses.

However, we understand that there will be tough battles ahead and the enemy is preparing for it.

Under such circumstances, we must prevent the further advance of the enemy troops by steadily maintaining the occupied lines and positions, inflicting maximum losses on him with air strikes, missile systems, artillery and tank fire, and also create conditions for defeat by the actions of mobile assault groups and units with attacks to the flank and rear from different directions.

Of course, we must make the most of our advantage in attack UAVs in combination with the use of EW and accurate artillery fire.

My work was devoted to these issues, as well as to the regrouping of troops and the simplification of the system of comprehensive support.

I worked in all the brigades conducting combat operations in the Kharkiv region, was in one of the battalions defending Vovchansk, and made all the necessary decisions on the spot to ensure the stability and efficiency of the defense.

I went around and checked all the units that are preparing for defense in the Sumy direction.

I regularly report to the President of Ukraine on the situation and the progress of the specified tasks.

It is felt that the leadership of regional military administrations provides maximum assistance to commanders and commanders of units in solving all problematic issues.

Kharkiv residents and residents of the Kharkiv region are actively involved and help the Defense Forces in whatever way they can.

I thank each and every one of the Defense Forces, Kharkiv residents individually and all our citizens in general for their courage and resilience.

Let's defeat the enemy!
We believe and bring Victory closer together!
Glory to Ukraine!


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