This was sent to me by a friend in Ukraine. I always ask him to tell me the bad stuff as well as the good stuff which is going on. This story is the sad reality at this moment, at least in some areas.

If the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not receive reinforcements, the front will collapse. This was stated by a Ukrainian military man with the call sign “Ronin”

“If there are no reinforcements, the front will fall, because we simply will have no one to fight. Our battalion has weapons, but there is no one to shoot them,” said a mobilized military doctor in an interview with Mirror of the Week.

According to him, “in our brigade now a fifth of the company is fighting.”

“During the last six months, there were no replenishments at all. Before that, all the waves were more or less even. For the most part, they tried to row drug addicts, alcoholics, people from the village and the like. Whom you don’t really feel sorry for and who won’t pay off,” says the military man.

According to him, due to the need to quickly replenish units, basic military training was reduced from three to one month. The military man believes that this is a “conveyor belt without consolidating skills.” He considers the quality of replenishments to be low, which ultimately affects the retention of positions.

“Ronin” considers the lack of professionalism of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be the main reason for evading mobilization. According to him, “people are afraid of falling under the power of fools who will simply kill them.”

“Because many orders are frankly insane. In pursuit of crosses and arrows on the map, some commanders do not care about their people in principle... Why do you need a new mobilization if you don’t take care of the people who are there?” says the military man.

“If you are sent to some kind of landing and they say that there is no one there, then there is definitely someone there. Therefore, many of those who have been fighting for a long time and still want to survive in this war react to various kinds of threatening orders very simple: they agree, and they themselves sit in dugouts, realizing that the chances of fulfilling the order and staying alive are very slim,” says “Ronin”.

He cited a case where one of the commanders was stripped of his rank for refusing to send the 18 people he had left to an assault.

Due to the fact that commanders do not take care of people, many soldiers go AWOL. According to the military, good soldiers also do this. Among the reasons for refusing to fight is the transfer to attack aircraft of those who are not ready for this.

“Ronin” describes a situation in which an entire detachment left the front without permission and was sent to recapture positions lost by another unit. The military cited fatigue from previous battles and the fact that the brigade that previously held the position did not prepare them for defense.

Moreover, for the most part, no one is punished going AWOL, the military man reports, since then there will be no one to fight at all. Basically, AWOL is a “vacation at your own expense.” After persuasion from commanders, many who left returned to their units without consequences.

“Even after looking at the “terrible laws” that they passed, we realized that it only became easier to refuse to carry out an order. Because twice you can refuse. On the third you comply. Then you can go AWOL. And so on in a circle,” reports "Ronin".

He also believes that “russians are really growing, developing their army, working on mistakes and no longer allowing themselves to do what they did two years ago.” Therefore, “we cannot continue to say that we will win tomorrow.”

“We watched as everyone in the rear said that we were fighting with the “Ivanushka-fools,” and everyone at the front was disgusted to the point of nausea. Because if we are fighting with fools and cannot defeat them, then we ourselves are fools,” - says "Ronin".

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