From our friend, the Analyst:


Robert Fico, the Pro-Russian Slovakian Prime Minister faced an assassination attempt this afternoon and has been placed in an extremely critical condition, he was hit multiple times.
So why does this matter? Why am I bothering with this event?
Fico is as corrupt as it gets. His primary aim on getting elected again after a term out of office, was to stop the multiple investigations into him and his party resulting from their last spell in government. That included the murder of journalists investigating them.
The Slovakian spy agency is riddled with his cronies and their agenda, so much so that neither  NATO or the EU forwards any intelligence briefings or classified information to the Slovaks at all. They simply can’t be trusted. The SIS (Slovak Information Service) is effectively run by Pavel Gaspar, whose appalling record you can search out for yourselves. The SIS is now so political it’s wrapped up mostly in using its resources to find kompromat on Fico’s enemies at home and undermine Slovakian democracy.
Now while we should all be saddened by an assassination attempt on a democratically elected leader, this one if he survives - and his successors if he doesn’t, will I guarantee you, jump on the bandwagon of clamping down on opposition politicians and use it to strengthen ‘security’ laws to hold on to power. They’ll unquestionably blame the opposition and extremists and ride this opportunity out as far as they can to bolster their own position.
It’s just about the worst thing that could have happened in Slovakia right now. It plays directly into the governments hands and  worsens the situation for any really democratic future in the country. Forget the sympathy messages and the outrage coming from the other leaders - they have to say what they say. What they’re really afraid of is what happens next. And they have every reason to be concerned.


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