Another angle of the Ukrainian strike at Tuapse, Russia 🇺🇦🦅💥

🇺🇦🦅 This was one of the largest attack by Ukrainian UAVs on targets on Russian territory and occupied Sevastopol during the entire war.

Targets reportedly struck include:

▪️Tuapse Oil Refinery.
▪️Sevastopol, power outages in the city.
▪️Novorossiysk, according to ASTRA, UAVs hit:
- NZT, fuel tanks;
- Importpischeprom, fuel tanks;
- Gazprom oil depot, Kirillovka;
- Transneft oil depot, Grushovaya Balka. 💥👏

The Crimean Wind also reported the UAVs in Novorossiysk successfully struck the fuel oil terminal.

I hope I have the right video

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