Zelenskyi’s evening speech

Today, throughout the day, there will be reports from our military and the Ministry of Defense. Constant attention - to the front, to all areas of hostilities. Kharkiv region - areas near the border, the city of Vovchansk - our protective actions continue. During this day, our Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine – all units involved – managed to partially stabilize the situation. The occupier who entered the Kharkiv region is destroyed by all means. Artillery, drones, our infantry work well enough. Thanks to everyone who is currently in positions.

Similarly, attention to all other areas. Especially Donetsk region – the Pokrovsky direction, as well as the Kupyansky direction in the Kharkiv region. We clearly see how the occupier is trying to distract our forces and make our combat work less concentrated. We react to it exactly as needed - we must have something to answer the enemy in every direction.

Our Ukrainian result, our strength depends on every soldier, every sergeant, every officer, who are directly in positions, in battle, at the front: the full execution of combat tasks in the existing conditions must disrupt Russian offensive plans.

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