As Fico struggles for his survival, having been attacked by an armed aggressor, one might wonder how he would feel if some of his comments were played back to him?

Why did they take Fico to hospital, giving him help and support? Doesn't that just prolong the inevitable?

Why are they wasting medicines and resources on Fico?

Fico should have sat down and arranged peace negotiations with the shooter!

Fico could have given some of his organs to the shooter. Why does Fico need two kidneys? You can live with just one.

Treating Fico is an escalation - if Fico stays alive he could provoke his antagonists even more!

They should make Fico a buffer zone! Stay away from him!

All organs that were shot should now belong to the shooter. We need to sit down at the negotiating table!

Also, it is urgent to recognise the shooters rightful needs. Negotiate with him so he won't shoot anymore.

Accept the real situation as it is - don't remove the bullets!

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