Hey everyone.

I'm new here. I joined so I can chat about #emacs and other FOSS software, but also just have an online community of tech folks. My biggest worry is that I've not seen many women on the timeline.

I blog here: justin.abrah.ms and have been on the fediverse elsewhere at @abrahms

Would love to chat and connect. :)

#introduction #introductions

@abrahms @abrahms Emacs. We can talk. I'm just about done with the second round of "Emacs bankruptcy".

The old stuff that's getting blown up is mostly here github.com/eludom/.emacs.d/blo

New stuff will likely wind up on a self hosted gitea once I finish the bankruptcy and figure out where to host..

"My other editor is /bin/ed"

Welcome 🙂

@eludom @abrahms @abrahms Wow! .emacs meets Org mode meets literate programming. Thanks for that.

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