So I talked to a lawyer friend turns pardoning will fo nothing for trump

I dont like Trump supporters that much they want destroy us

@freemo spurts say Trump does not speech prepared so he knew he wa going lose he is going fight in court yoir though?

@freemo most of trumps base and votes coming converted Walkway campaign people actually I was watching that group and there were more democrats being converted to trumps supporters every day

@freemo due privacy and past drams i would request not to ask what my real name is if that is ok its not anyone here but I just don't want anything bad to happen and I am taking precautions

So anyone got any predictions?@freemo
I am predictionnf Florida but I am watching Ohio that are heavily Texas might a left win this time

Stats are showing its more biden's favorites the Trump @freemo
43%Trump 53% biden
And votes 270 biden 100 Trump

One thing nice about qoti is I dont have to have politics shoved down my throat @freemo yoir community rules are best all hail qoto

For the record I am a non binary but I go by she / her or they them or just use my username as pronouns for those wondering.

What is interesting is why bidens laptop is even topic

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