I had a nightmare last night that Strings were primitives in Java.

Sometimes, when I'm talking in a group people ask: "How are we all doing?"

I don't know how we're all doing, I only know how I am doing. If we wanted to find that out we should run some kind of consensus algorithm

When YouTube keeps recommending me the same channel over and over, I feel like a 35 year old single woman with a mother who has "just the right guy" in mind.

I think what is fascinating about the alt-right and to some extent many people throughout history is their fascination with the Jewish conspiracy. In a time in which is seems like much of our past mythology has become irrelevant to contemporary thinking, this still persists.

I think many people anticipate the use of myths as understanding to decrease as we gain scientific & historical knowledge. But I'm worried that new myths are rising, in many cases dangerous myths. I have 2 theories why, perhaps both are at play.

* The first of which is the fact that living a hyper-polarised post-truth reality politically will necessarily create new myths. Why is the other side so evil? Are they being mislead or is it in their nature? This has been commonly seen throughout history in traditional tribalism, i.e. Catholics and protestants. However it seemed to be on a downwards trend until recently (perhaps this is just a spike).

* The second of which is far more insidious. I believe in the past no one person understood all fields, but generally there were specialists in each fields that had a decently comprehensive understanding of their discipline at the time.

System's complicate continually, i.e. advanced society and the portion of the system anyone is capable of understanding is shrinking.
Meaning no one individual can understand the chaos.

The issue here is the human mind latches to order and in the absence of a real understanding will come those with convincing false narratives about said system, and feed people what they want to believe, the new mythology. I think we may be seeing myth resurface as a means (perhaps the primary means) of understanding things beyond our comprehension. To clarify, not in scientists but in the everyman.

Born too late to explore the world, born to early to explore the galaxy. Born just in time to explore the mind.

Conspiracy theorist epistemology -
I think the thing is with conspiracies theorists is if they fall far enough down the rabbit hole, it is almost as if they grow an aversion to truth.

They will simply believe whatever is false, in fact the more false something is the more likely it is to be believed. It is almost this absurd line of reasoning like "why are they going out of their way to prove that this is true? It must be really important that that they hide this from the people".

I think this comes from the fact they gain a sense of superiority from believing what normal people would never believe.

Ignorance is bliss only while you're ignorant of your ignorance

Frankenstein's monster is such an incel, like yeah you're a grotesque flesh golem. We all have our flaws, just be confident bro

Government: "You must remain in self quarantine only leaving the apartment to get essential supplies"


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The Japanese say you have three masks. The first mask, you show to the world. The second mask, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third mask, you never show anyone.

I have a new saying, I have 0 masks because they're constantly fucking sold out.

Top 5 MOST UNBELIEVABLE arguments that humans still have free will (MUST READ) (Kant's answer will bore you)

Nothing is impossible is a nice expression but not really very true, after much deliberation I've come to a more genuine but less inspirational variant.

"Some things are probably possible"

The worst thing about being a native English speaker is team members offload variable/method naming to me, buddy don't ask me I can barely even speak.

If tragedy + time = comedy

then we can deduce that

comedy - time = tragedy

comedy - tragedy = time

Make me some time physicists I dare you

forgive me for the ancient meme but Yo dawg we heard you like JavaScript so I wrote a JavaScript Comparison Engine in JavaScript so you can compare your JavaScript with your JavaScript. jesse.greg-mitten.dev

A fly has been in my apartment all of today and yesterday, it's reactions speeds are unlike anything I have ever seen and I am entirely incapable of ridding myself of it. I have made my peace with my new roommate, all I ask is my oranges remain undefiled.

If you're extremely talented at least have the dignity to be really weird, it makes things feel a little more fair.

Here's my conclusion on the chicken or the egg question, I'm sure many have come to it before.

There is an answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg and this is due to the problem of the question. We are using biological categories, as species evolve by generations of minute mutation, at some point something chicken-like but not quite considered a chicken gave birth to something slightly more chicken like than itself, this caused the child (the egg) to be classified as a chicken whereas it's parent was not. The first chicken came from an egg.

Interested to hear counter arguments.

I just had to watch a youtube tutorial to figure out how to use an oven and now I'm fucking anprim

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