Ignorance is bliss only while you're ignorant of your ignorance

Frankenstein's monster is such an incel, like yeah you're a grotesque flesh golem. We all have our flaws, just be confident bro

Government: "You must remain in self quarantine only leaving the apartment to get essential supplies"


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The Japanese say you have three masks. The first mask, you show to the world. The second mask, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third mask, you never show anyone.

I have a new saying, I have 0 masks because they're constantly fucking sold out.

The cost to swap my EasyJet flight is literally twice as expensive as just rebooking the flight separately.

The amount of money I get from cancelling my flight is also absolutely 0.

Is there a business reason for this? What incentive is there for me to give them the ability to resell that seat? I'm really just lost

Always humbling to return to an old project and be absolutely speechless with how utterly incompetent you were.

Top 5 MOST UNBELIEVABLE arguments that humans still have free will (MUST READ) (Kant's answer will bore you)

Nothing is impossible is a nice expression but not really very true, after much deliberation I've come to a more genuine but less inspirational variant.

"Some things are probably possible"

The worst thing about being a native English speaker is team members offload variable/method naming to me, buddy don't ask me I can barely even speak.

If tragedy + time = comedy

then we can deduce that

comedy - time = tragedy

comedy - tragedy = time

Make me some time physicists I dare you

forgive me for the ancient meme but Yo dawg we heard you like JavaScript so I wrote a JavaScript Comparison Engine in JavaScript so you can compare your JavaScript with your JavaScript. jesse.greg-mitten.dev

A fly has been in my apartment all of today and yesterday, it's reactions speeds are unlike anything I have ever seen and I am entirely incapable of ridding myself of it. I have made my peace with my new roommate, all I ask is my oranges remain undefiled.

If you're extremely talented at least have the dignity to be really weird, it makes things feel a little more fair.

Here's my conclusion on the chicken or the egg question, I'm sure many have come to it before.

There is an answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg and this is due to the problem of the question. We are using biological categories, as species evolve by generations of minute mutation, at some point something chicken-like but not quite considered a chicken gave birth to something slightly more chicken like than itself, this caused the child (the egg) to be classified as a chicken whereas it's parent was not. The first chicken came from an egg.

Interested to hear counter arguments.

I just had to watch a youtube tutorial to figure out how to use an oven and now I'm fucking anprim

"You're about to be evicted from Sapphire league", come to my house at midnight dumb owl and kickmy ass see if i care

How do I contact George Soros to get compensated for my political beliefs, I'm out here doing it for free.

When I say "I've optimised the system's server", what I really mean is "I lost the pem key because I'm a dumbass and spent 3 hours frantically trying to fix the damage".

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