Government: "You must remain in self quarantine only leaving the apartment to get essential supplies"


forgive me for the ancient meme but Yo dawg we heard you like JavaScript so I wrote a JavaScript Comparison Engine in JavaScript so you can compare your JavaScript with your JavaScript.

I thought this was an onion article at first, I don't think whether the world's smartest chimp has died is much of an opinion piece.

I completed a usability review (about for part of my Master's program a while ago and sent it off to The support thanked me and said she would pass it to the Chief technical advisor but then I didn't ever hear anything back.

I recently noticed this which is precisely one of my suggestions. Super nice to see they actually acted on this feedback.

rain resistant pesticides after I run my fruit under the water for 0.3 seconds

Don't do this shit, I already use another special character in my password. Don't make me use a specific one to avoid dealing with whatever development issues you have with it.

When will the cowards at youtube release a 64x speed option so I can watch content the speed my brain processes it

this post has only become more powerful over the years

Buddy I don't wanna see peppers on your menu, 1 pepper? What does that mean, it's different at every restaurant.

Give me the Scoville value to 7 decimal places coward

Putting on these bad boys to finally see the world of noumena

Originally, friends was going to be filmed with the actual friends and not actors. This idea was unfortunately scrapped when Joey Tribbiani declined the role in favour of his role in days of our lives.

Fortunately they were able to find very convincing look-a likes. Here's Joey Tribbiani and Matt LeBlanc for example.

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