I think it's really disgusting that facebook owns the two largest messaging apps, taking whatever of my data they want from them.

I'd love to be able to use the open-source alternative telegram, but the issue is that literally no-one I know uses them and I don't want to force people to download an app to be able to talk with me.

@Trillenial the problem i have is like people seem scared to download apps. I have tried to get my friends to use other platforms and they just dont even wanna try
@nano @Trillenial ^ this. IMO The #1 argument for not switching to an alternative goes like: "Why should I switch to X when I've been using Y and it's completely fine + everybody else uses Y." But we have to remember, that the whole business model of FB is based on user engagement and they spend billions to keep users at their platforms (instagram included).
@dyske @Trillenial i hate how disconnected normies are from how they are being manipulated by convenience. I love my xmpp but my god people like panic when presented with a secure option that they have to fill out some forms to signup
@nano @Trillenial convenience is only one part of the whole. These social networks are designed to manipulate human psychology. Are you feeling sad and lonely? Here have a notification, about something positive. Scroll, scroll,... 8 people had wedding this week (good for them), cute cat pics (nyan), motivational quotes, scroll, scroll. Feels good right? It's like watching porn you know it isn't good for you but you do it anyway. So raising questions about security is to no avail, when you don't value privacy
@dyske @Trillenial i feel like the problem with birdsite falls in that category. they realized that if that notification icon is lit up people spend longer on the platform. so they generate "fake" notifications in order to give people that dopamine rush

@Trillenial I would like people to stop sending me SMS. That's the iMessage effect. Android dropped the ball by not initially releasing with a seamless rich messenger.

@Trillenial u can use gpg encryption on facebook messenger with a messaging client like pidgin if i'm not mistaken. it has otr (off the record) conversations.

you'll still have to force people you talk to to use pidgin and talk to you with otr conversations though

@Trillenial Telegram isn't open-source. Part of the problem is the network effect but the other part is the lack of a clear winner in the solution space. There's no FOSS software as polished as WhatsApp.

@trillenial  I think whatsapp & fb messenger uses the same ecryption routines as signal

It's shite but I just deleted both. People can still message me without having to use the app I'm on (Signal). It does mean that they can't send free pics and vids unless they also download the app but it's free. We need to get folk out of the convenience of these monsters and into equally convenient but less well known alternatives 😊

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