Heya im tsunachi, im a 20 year old in-the-works mechanical engineer.

Pretty much im just your average internet guy with a few extras, i like games, anime, and anything with a motor that can go fast, art, and books.

STEM wise despite me being pretty average in my interests im a huge nerd and love science, especially when it pertains to space. thats not to say i dont like the others of course thats just what ive always had a passion for.

I like talking to people with differing opinions in politics/morals/ideology/ethics etc. ( as long as its meaningful, isnt a shouting match, or is objectively wrong in the base statement i.e most of twitter checkmarks)

Politically wise im a classical liberal (bottom-left) but im also pretty centrist if that helps.

@Tsunachi Its great to have you. Thanks for the wonderful introduction.

You sound like you will fit in well here, we have lots of people here with similar interests. I myself love discussing ethics and I also do some Astrophotography. So lets nerd out on astronomy sometime.

Hope you have a blast here!

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