What do you think of this post I did on parler (including the comments)?

Do you think it explains mastodon simply enough?

I want to get as many people in the fediverse as possible as the censorship of the President of USA has just gone too far.


@Untersuchende @leviathan @se7en

Not bad. I’d used familiar jargon like “uncensorable Twitter clone” and “completely free microblogger without censorship or banning”

@EVoCeO @leviathan @se7en Thank you. Using simple language that doesn't scare people is not always my strongest suite. I appreciate all your feedback.

@Untersuchende @leviathan @se7en

I appreciate you being open to feedback. Getting people to change is the hardest challenge humanity faces. Even if it’s using a liberty focused app. Ha!


@EVoCeO @leviathan @se7en Its really annoying that gab got cut off from mastodon and that gab also changed their codebase which also further pushed it away. Having a decentralized ecosystem of sorts would have been really nice to have all of the political spectrum. I think that maybe it could be tweeked a little so that it could be even more decentralised.

Like, just imagine if you could host your own onion (tor that is) instance / account which can do everything that a mastodon instance and account can do but in such a decentralised and anonymous way that only the user gets to decide what they want to see, block, follow etc.

So no "instances" that can block other networks because YOU would be in full control.

So no liability on any one host.

Similar to how Ricochet messenger or Bisq Crypto exchange work I guess assuming I understand enough about how they work 😂 😂

I think like everything there could certainly be misuse but at the same time I don't want to be censored or deprived of privacy and anonymity either because I think all centralised systems will fail at some point when they become too popular so we need a good cryptographic one that is decentralised.

Wow I typed a lot but yeah anyway...

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