My PC has just told me that it can't run Windows 11, but that Windows 10 will be out of support from October 2025. I have news for you Microsoft, I don't have a spare £1k (or even half that) for a new gaming rig just because you don't like mine. It'll be Linux for me if you force me.


I had a post about this laughing at "can't run windows 11" recently for my partners System76 Lemur Pro

Its truly hilarious that a TPM is what's going to make a TON of e-waste. A TPM isn't a feature its a vulnerability.

@VoxDei What do you mean 'if'? You've already been forced, weren't you? 🤔

@theron29 Well, it's quite a long way away, maybe they'll change it if they realise they're forcing a lot of customers to try the competition. I'd be on Linux anyway if it was better for gaming, so it could well be time to try it again.

@VoxDei @theron29 Proton makes a huge difference on Linux for gaming. It's not yet perfect but close to perfect.

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