Gosh, this new wearable AI pin by @Humane looks like it could be an amazing upgrade/replacement for our mobile phones. I think I might have thought this a little scary a few years ago, but now it just seems like a natural development…

Looking forward to seeing what I’m hoping is essentially English National Opera staging their “Readers Digest Condensed” version of La Traviata. & Yes, I’m aware that I’m showing my age with that statement…

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#Introduction for my new followers. Thanks for following! ❤️

A forty-something single guy traveling the world with his dog 🐶. Everything I own fits in a 30kg + 10kg bag. I own 10 pairs of underwear. 😉 I like minimalism, I don't need houses or cars to please. I prefer absolute freedom.

I love to learn about new cultures and fully engage with them. I condemn all forms of racism and hate speech. 🤚🏼 1/2

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X makes me think of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

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#Threads is not available in countries with stricter privacy regulations.

Use this information to your advantage.

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I don’t quite understand how Meta can see Twitter being slowly dismantled, have years of understanding of what users actually want from Twitter, and then build something that’s worse than Twitter.

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#yeg #COVID19AB wastewater counts are at nearly the lowest it's been since the beginning of monitoring... and I REALLY hope it stays that way...


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A great (and heartbreaking) article about the Cosmologist Catherine Heymans, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland. It was supposed to be about the amazing science she does - it still is, but it is also about long covid and the incredible resilience in the face of a life coming apart:


#astrodon #astronomy #LongCovid #cosmology #WomenInSTEM

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Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid slammed into what is today the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The impact was so forceful that it kicked a tremendous amount of debris out of the atmosphere, which then rained back down, blanketing the Earth's surface with a layer of dust.

All that debris re-entering the atmosphere created a pulse of heat so strong that it set the world on fire.

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Wishing everyone a great day, except those who start their DMs with "I hope this message finds you well." For them, I hope they accidentally step on a LEGO, reminding them that there are better ways to start a (sales) conversation.


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I don't listen to #podcasts much - but 99% invisible is one notable exception. One of their recent episodes is about while the Netherlands is such a good biking country - and no, it's not because it's flat or because it doesn't snow here much:


I've not ridden a bike from the age of 12 to the age of 34 and here I am now, happily cycling 11km to work on my ebike!

#biking #bike #fahrrad #mdrza #

This is SO exciting: truly ground-breaking research showing that the organisation of movement control in the brain is more complex than we thought. As a neurological physio I know the development of this area of study will have a huge impact on my work/my patients.


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#Violet knows what the sounds of the linen closet opening and the bathtub faucet turning mean...


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Suella Braverman is listed as a speaker at the upcoming "National Conservatism" event.

Natcon is a radical Christian nationalist movement which demands immigration moratoriums and opposes the “grave threat” of “ever more radical forms of sexual license and experimentation".


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🔴 'VOTER SUPPRESSION': Huge Numbers Set to Lose Vote as Only 2.5% Of 'Missing Millions' Apply for Voter ID

With weeks until the local elections, just 50,000 out of an estimated two million voters without photo ID have applied.


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