My maternal grandfather was asking me about the and as soon as i told him about Muslim getting 5 acre land, he was done. A explained him 3 times what the verdict says. But for the past half hour, I've been listening to him saying how fked up our society is and how Muslims are getting all the benefits. S.M.H.

@_lunawinters I mean, imagine if dinosaurs were scared of human beings. It just doesn't make sense how existence of few people with different beliefs aches Hindus. Sucks ass!! *Cartman voice*

@_lunawinters Not just your grand dad. My parents and MANY ik around me support the way he's been handling issues. Including the kashmir dispute and now this. I mean. I just gave up explaining. 😂


@Tallymark90 my family is very much aware of the stuff going on in the country so they are quite understanding. But those living in towns and villages are not much aware and still support his politics.

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