joins first world nations on repressing human migration - in search of better living conditions.
India's 1st Illegal Immigrant Detention Camp Size Of 7 Football Fields.

The mass detention centre in Assam's Goalpara distirct can house 3,000 people and is being built over an area of 2.5 hectares, about the size of seven soccer fields.

At this rate, Modi might even call the state of Assam a rumour.

@bull500 bro, what if it falls out when i am sleeping? Would i choke? Or am i just over thinking?

A quick reminder, for those of you who didn't follow the NRC proceedings in Assam. One of the worst affected groups were women from poorer families.
Women usually don't have their name on property documents.
Women marry, move locations and become part of "other families". They lack access to their parents' and grandparents' documents.
Generations of women change their names for men - and lose the paper trail for their ancestry.

Hasan Minhaj can destroy me a million times and I'll still thank him for it.
Major crushing happening 😻🙈💗😘

A thread by blurple blob ( ) on the link between Abusive Parenting & BJP's propoganda:

Citizens: here's how I think the economy should be handled

BJP: let me handle it! I'm more experienced than you

BJP: *breaks the economy, causes an explosion, the entire country is in shambles*

Citizens: wtf did you do


cc @sanjayuvacha @Universityofhumanity @tariquesani @noor @jamewils

@hackiechan Always remember that whatever we are witnessing in terms of events and whoever we are interacting with in terms of people - all of it is just a drop in an ocean. Thus, we should see where the collective good of the society resides. So even if a few hard core islamist elements shout their slogans, if it helps a cause which is better for the society, we can accept their help. I have always wondered this. Being a true liberal is almost impossible if we want to be effective!

I'm so confused about which crisis to prioritise now: my home state burning, Kashmir, the possibility of NRC nationwide in India, the global resurgence of the far-right, India's spiralling economy, gender wars and women's safety, climate change... Sigh.
No wonder I feel like exiting human civilization and society, going to a remote part of the hills and meditating.

+ This is from India Gate, earlier tonight. People came together to read the Preamble to the Constitution:

having solemnly resolved to constitute India
and to secure to all its citizens..."

I know, protests don't win battles like this one. But when we reached the part that goes "...and give to ourselves this Constitution", I felt such a sense of ownership, partnership, in this land.

Many promises to keep.

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Notice that students from many public universities are protesting in solidarity. This now includes IITs.
Private university students, including those like Ashoka who are supposed to champion liberal arts and humanities, are conspicuously silent on their campuses.

I'm ashamed to admit that we as a country have left dissent and protests to our students. It's a burden they've been forced to carry on their own.

Some book recommendations for new year?
I prefer everything EXCEPT non fiction, biography, self help and yeah, that's all.

The reason why i don't tell people my age on sm is because they would stop taking me seriously.

Guess, Indra( the God of rain, storm, lightening and all in Hinduism) had a bad day :doc12:

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