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Hi everyone,
I am Aaditi. I am from India and under the recent circumstances of Twitter being over controlling and stuff, I decided to come over here. I am a student interested in almost everything related to learning. I value knowledge a lot and wants to learn more about the world and what it carries.
I hope to have a good time here!
Thank you.

We have one of the worst ranks in the Global Hunger Index. Kids aren't getting proper nutrients to sustain their lives. What are we going forward with? Depressed Students, kids with malnutrition and no support system for them.
We have failed as parents, as teachers as a society, and as a country. It's upon all of us not only on the govt.
So, if anyone wishes me HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY, I'm gonna say, OKAY BOOMER.
Thank you for reading this rant.

Hold up, India doesn't have these words in its dictionary. Because, the kids here are taught to learn exactly what the book says and copy-paste the completely same paragraph in the answers, to get what? MARKS.
Marks are so fking important in our lives that our teachers tell us what questions might come in our exams of what marks before even starting the Lessons.
One student commits suicide every hour in India and for every suicide, there are at least 15 attempts.

It's Children's Day in India.
If you think I am going to rant, oh, you're so damn correct.
A day for our Children to celebrate. Those who are future of our country and world. They must be creative, innovative and curious, must not they? But guess what, our education system fails to deliver the goal of education. Education doesn't mean cramming up books and shit. No, it means using theoretical knowledge in practical world. It means using that knowledge in our innovative ideas.

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I started a project on memoirs of a protest, where I turn photos from objects in a protest and turn them into artwork. This was a photograph of a leg of a student from JNU which was fractured in police suppression. You can break us, but not our spirits. #jnuprotest

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Good people of Mastodon, I've been seeing a number of posts here that compare the Ayodhya judgment to a husband losing his wife to another man, treatment of rape victims etc. This is quite worrisome.

Women aren't property that one can win/lose claim over. Such comparisons reinforce the idea of ownership over women as passive objects. I have high hopes from this space and how we talk about women here.

So please do continue with the much-needed criticism, but please keep women out of it.

I want to keep a diary/journal but then i write in it for 4 days then forget about it.
It's so frustrating :-/

Is it just me or someone else doesn't like to use emojies, too?
I would rather go with :-| than with 😐

Has anyone read ANY book by Stephen King?
I want to read his work!
Please share some recommendations.
Thank you!

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See the turtle of enourmous girth,
On his back he holds the Earth,
His thought is slow, but always kind,
He holds us all within his mind.

Snapping turtle, post hibernation. May be the origin for the idea of the earth carried on a turtles back.

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Just names?
Or blots of ever-increasing size on modern-day India's conscience?

After all, how many more suicides of gifted young students will it take for us to sit up and take notice that caste-based/religious discrimination remain endemic problems here?
EVEN in our so-called 'premier' educational institutions!

Question these systems!
Challenge these bullies!
Make your dissent heard!

But most importantly... look in the mirror!

#TootNotTweet 🐘

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Five suicides in IIT Madras and the business is as usual there. I am sick and tired of this society.

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One more institutional murder at IIT Madras. Fathima Lathif, an undergraduate student in humanities and social science department committed suicide facing religious and caste discrimination from IIT faculty Sudarshan Padmanabhan, as per her suicide note. IIT Madras is a Brahminical Agrahara which makes the lives of students from minority community perishable in all ways. It is sixth suicide on the campus within two years.

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Though I have never been part of JNU, so many students of IIMC(not officially part of JNU but connected through a backdoor gate) like me are grateful to it for the countless things it has taught us over the years, the hospitality and solidarity offered to us when our campus was taken over by a Sanghi administration. I remember many of my friends who came from very poor backgrounds wait till 9 pm so that they can claim the leftover food of JNU hostels. It is a space that should be protected. #JNU

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Atheist problems: being considered strange because you don't believe in a magic man in the sky!

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Dear crush in XII-D,

I want you to stare at me like #HasanMinhaj stares into the soul of the camera on #PatriotAct

#TootNotTweet 🐘

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