It's Children's Day in India.
If you think I am going to rant, oh, you're so damn correct.
A day for our Children to celebrate. Those who are future of our country and world. They must be creative, innovative and curious, must not they? But guess what, our education system fails to deliver the goal of education. Education doesn't mean cramming up books and shit. No, it means using theoretical knowledge in practical world. It means using that knowledge in our innovative ideas.


Hold up, India doesn't have these words in its dictionary. Because, the kids here are taught to learn exactly what the book says and copy-paste the completely same paragraph in the answers, to get what? MARKS.
Marks are so fking important in our lives that our teachers tell us what questions might come in our exams of what marks before even starting the Lessons.
One student commits suicide every hour in India and for every suicide, there are at least 15 attempts.

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We have one of the worst ranks in the Global Hunger Index. Kids aren't getting proper nutrients to sustain their lives. What are we going forward with? Depressed Students, kids with malnutrition and no support system for them.
We have failed as parents, as teachers as a society, and as a country. It's upon all of us not only on the govt.
So, if anyone wishes me HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY, I'm gonna say, OKAY BOOMER.
Thank you for reading this rant.

@realcaseyrollins i am not discriminating on the basis of age. The policymakers in our country are mostly boomers who on one side believe that young people are just dumb and on the other side, don't do anything about the education system that makes us slaves of corporates and system.

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