Men < Women ❌
Men > Women ❌
Men = Women ✅
As much as we celebrate women and their role in society, we should celebrate and respect men too.
In last few years, i've noticed that because of the feminist wave, a lot of women started thinking of themselves as superior gender. That's exactly what we are against. If you don't want any other person to rule over you, you shouldn't rule over any other person too.
Being a woman, it hurts me when people disregard the idea of feminism.

Well, I like the idea of what you're telling but IMHO, I think wecan't never reach equality because as gender, we are pretty differences that doesn't allow us to be on the same terms but fairness, in the other hand, we should work hard on it. Because fairness does not depend on genders but in the person itself and don't define about the diferences but the needs and how society must respond to it.

@Jayrive i agree. I think there should be equal opportunities for the growth of a person be it male or female but respect is something that should be given on the basis of one's work.

Yeah, I think that too but if you have fairness you will have oportunities and respect in the same package.

@_lunawinters one women reach equality with men across society, then it will be time to address any women who’ve taken it too far. Until then, we must support women’s fight for equality!


"a lot of women started thinking of themselves as superior gender"


As a man I find it absolutely disgusting and embarrassing to read that there are men who present themselves as oppressed victims of feminism and anyone who defends the #maletears discourse.

@JotaSeth i am myself a woman and I've seen other women doing this. I don't support oppression of any gender be in male or female.
I've seen that when a woman gets molested in a public place, people are ready to help her but when a man gets to hear same words about his body in a public place and gets uncomfortable, no one cares. I've seen a lot of women misusing their rights. False accusations against men just to degrade them.
Men get raped too but not much is done. Why?

@_lunawinters @JotaSeth well we all need to be a humanist rather than feministic or misogynistic. Rape is henious either any victim gender involve. Jurisdiction must make laws applicable to every gender. Like section 375 of our law give advantage to female victim in rape case if she just confess in court then without any inquiry accused will found guilty . It just violate of our rights. laws should never be gender specific .If everyone just do what's need to be done,world will unfold itself into a better palce

@Warhorse i agree. These types of laws are being misused by many and it leads to misunderstanding in people specifically males that law doesn't support them.
I call myself humanist rather than feminist.


To say that one prefers to be a humanist to a feminist or to put misogyny and feminism as two extremes is to demonstrate that one has no idea what feminism is.

To say that many women think they are superior to men because of the feminist wave is to be a liar.

By the way, yes, of course there are men who are raped, mostly by other men.

Machismo is a scourge to extinguish and to see a woman defend the machista agenda is very sad.

Goodbye. 🔇


@_lunawinters @Warhorse

Just to help clarify in case of a misunderstanding or lack of correct info:

“Feminism is a range of ... ideologies that [aim] to ... achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.”

Feminism is not to be confused with the behaviour of women acting superior to men, nor is it the opposite of misogyny: “... the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls.”



@JotaSeth i very well know what feminism is. I am myself a student of political ideologies and I've studied feminism.
I prefer to be a humanist than feminist. That's all
We might have different opinions but i respect yours, please respect mine
Thank you.


@_lunawinters we all are on same page guys maybe on different para😅 but we all agree at
some point. @JotaSeth@mastodon.sociall bro you got no chill we all are just discussing.I am open to accept any ideas or views. Maybe you should too.

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