Men < Women ❌
Men > Women ❌
Men = Women ✅
As much as we celebrate women and their role in society, we should celebrate and respect men too.
In last few years, i've noticed that because of the feminist wave, a lot of women started thinking of themselves as superior gender. That's exactly what we are against. If you don't want any other person to rule over you, you shouldn't rule over any other person too.
Being a woman, it hurts me when people disregard the idea of feminism.

Well, I like the idea of what you're telling but IMHO, I think wecan't never reach equality because as gender, we are pretty differences that doesn't allow us to be on the same terms but fairness, in the other hand, we should work hard on it. Because fairness does not depend on genders but in the person itself and don't define about the diferences but the needs and how society must respond to it.


@Jayrive i agree. I think there should be equal opportunities for the growth of a person be it male or female but respect is something that should be given on the basis of one's work.

Yeah, I think that too but if you have fairness you will have oportunities and respect in the same package.

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