Has anyone got any recommendations for books or papers on Corvids in general?

Ideally the neuroethology behind their behavior but anything to start with should do.

@aazad It's possible to search at Google Scholar for Corvidae and related. That will get you research papers. I'll admit I'm mainly a photographer and watcher of ravens. Most of what I've read was decades ago.

@Eka_FOOF_A Thank you, my go-to is usually repositories of journal articles but there are quite a bit and it's inefficient to trawl when other people have done the work by way of landmark studies in the niche so asking around is more efficient.

@aazad I remember reading somewhere that crows are comparable to apes in their emotional intelligence. Very smart with a high brain size to body size ratio.

@aazad Carl Bergstrom @ct_bergstrom is a man made for this question, but this book might be a place to start.

@RickSearle @aazad I love that book especially for its gorgeous photos. In his most recent book about corvids, Gifts of the Crow, John Marzluff writes a bit about the neurobiology.

@ct_bergstrom @RickSearle

That sounds like that would work too. Thanks Carl!

Any other recommendations or perhaps landmark papers?

Or anyone who's work might lean in the direction I'm thinking of. I'm particularly interested in their sociodynamics and communication, ideally from an evo.devo. lens but anywhere to start with should be fine.

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