Seems like my is working... spinach, cabbages, lettuce and 2 tomatoes (just to experiment). The fertility is replenish by kitchen scraps from an increasing amount of neighbors, which I plan to repay in food.

That's just a test, if it works properly I expect my yard walls to be covered by fall =D

@arteteco sweet, I'm a fan of vertical gardens. Hopefully everything sets and flowers as expected!

@absolutus Do you have any vertical garden yourself?

This one has been a smooth ride so far.
Plants are protected from the weather (they have been grown by seed and there was a storm 2 days ago, no damage), they are watered from top without wasting time, and are draining one into the other.
Only problem is the fertility replenishment really, which I'm trying to turn into a bonding excuse =D

I'm building extra composting bins, I'll share the design once it's done.


@arteteco Good to hear! I never had a vertical garden but something I remember reading about years ago, specifically the aesthetic type of vertical gardens they grow in commercial settings like hospitals and airports.

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