remember, fellow players: always remove your finger picks before taking a number 2.

Or play the for added safety

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Now that the upgrade is complete a lot of you are probably curious about the new features we added. They were mostly pulled in from the Fedibird fork, but the code had to be considerable modified to get fully working. The following is the complete list of new features introduced in this upgrade.

Domain Subscriptions - Bring another instance's local timeline as a feed in QOTO, no need to have an account on another server again, just import their timeline here!

Keyword Subscriptions - Create custom timelines based off keywords not just hashtags, you can even use regex for advanced matching

Account Subscriptions - This allows you to follow a remote accounts public toots in your Home timeline without actually following them, great for following users with locked accounts.

Misskey compatible quoting of toots

Bookmarking of toots

Support for WebP and HEIC media uploads

An update to the getting-started menu to include center stage links to and the @QOTO announcements account (me!)

Seems like most of my hobbies are pretty solitary. Play , , , catching a cold...
I should look for something that does put me in connection with other human beings, so I don't have to choose between seeing people and doing stuff I love.

But you can't just pick a now, can you? It's more like something you really desire to do and you give in, not like choosing from a catalogue of "possibly interesting activities".

Hard stuff life.

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Anyone in the community feel like helping us out designing a landing page for us? I'm too busy to do it myself right now.

While looking around for a paper in conservation biology, I stumbled upon this study about the coral associated marine fungi. I was very interested, may it be that can ride the popularity of in some line?

Could that even mean... I'll find a job one day?

Keypoints for the layman:
we didn't know many of the species (as it is often the case for fungi, especially marine ones)

Many overlap with the ones found in sponges

Only a few, like 11 species (or OTUs) are likely to be really associate in a symbiosis

What do they do there? No fucking clue.

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come on, suggest me a you like!

A plus if you link me to something of his that you find particularly nice

It's pretty hard to take pictures of photos, but I'd like to digitalize all my family albums using my reflex. They are especially hard to focus on.

Do the more experts photographers out there have any input on the best and most efficient way to do this?

Haunyte with meionite in a calcareous geode from the Monte Somma (which is the complex of the Vesuvio, which you may know better).
Naples university mineralogical museum

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@freemo @Surasanji @mngrif @design_RG
Discourse allows to have RSS feed from the forum. Since it's not very active, what would you think of putting a bot on mastodon for the posts/topic?
We could, if we don't want to spam, group them in daily digests.

Out of curiosity, I searched on youtube "theory of evolution". Out of the first 20 results, 4 were about trying to prove that evolution is a myth, and it never happened.

Then I tried in Italian, "Teoria dell'evoluzione". 9 results of the first 20 were about "debunking" the theory of evolution.

I'm not sure this is related to my personal feed, but I found it interesting. It's almost half of the results in Italian!

Dear fediverse,
could you recommend me a program for pagination? I'm on debian and never had to do such work before.

I'm not sure I see the point of when you can have the ...

Our Fair City is a distopyan podcast. In a post-apocaliptyc world, people live underground because the conditions are so cold outside, and Hartlife, a benevolent corporation, manages everything with genetic experiments and some not-that veiled dictatorship.

I loved the sound quality, the acting is great and the plot is so much fun.

There is also science. And rebel, mad scientists. Those are my favorite of course.

Quoting Dr. Herbert West,
"Never let vengeance, justice, ethics or common decency stand in the way of scientific discovery".

Give it a try!

@Surasanji @freemo regarding
AnttonioPerez can we maybe ask him to stop posting links to ticket selling websites?
I opened a discussion for it here if you want:

Today at my conservation genetics class my professor put this video in the projector. As i Understand is pretty famous, but I've never seen this before, it hit me.

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