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@banjomanjeff happy to follow a fellow banjo player! Do you have some clip of you playing somewhere? Would be glad to hear it.

Stay safe!

Meanwhile, in Italy, the prime minister Salvini says that churches should be open for Easter celebrations.

Unfortunately I couldn't find an article in English, I'll link to one in Italian.

I'll translate his words.

"I can't wait for science and God, for science alone is not enough, to defeat this monster. We are getting close to the holy Easter and we also need the protection of the holy Immaculate Heart of Mary".



Is it just me that got a small but significant boost in popularity since the ?
Not that anyone cares more about me personally, but seems like fixing computer problems and configuring stuff and debugging malfunctions are way more valuable skills, now that everyone is relying on this machines for everything!

Did you know that you can upload your videos to using ? I just tried, as my connection is slow and I kept getting error by direct upload, and it works like a charm!

question for all you nice people!

My university (in Italy) has moved to online classes, using microsoft TEAMS, for the coronavirus outbreak.

They published a regulation saying that all content from a class, which is a conference so everyone can chime in talk and show, is copyright of the university.

Now that sounds weird, I would have expected each person to own the copyright to its own contribution, since we didn't sign nothing for it, and the university to own dick bupkis.

Could someone help me here? Is the university trying to bullshit us?

Seems like I really have to install to follow this course... sigh.
I don't have a windows computer or a powerful enough computer to run arcgis on a VM, so: do you know of a cheap service to rent some VM space for a few months?

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I just don't see it as a threat when people have different viewpoints than me. I see it as a strength. Diversity of thought is possibly the most important and most underrepresented type.

I like how the world is cuddling us at the moment, for the thing.
I mean, even Iran is not doing good, but I don't think they had 1 month free subscription to PornHub now, did they?

experts: do you have strong opinions on what's better between ArcGis and ?
I know we are all lovers here, but my gis professor will only use arcgis and I'd like to understand how sour is this pill I should swallow 😄

Dear fediverse, I would love your input here.

I'm considering a research to understand the distribution and vulnerability level of microfungi by using some kind of proxy, like orchids to understand the mycorrhiza distribution and such, basically for conservation purpuses and IUCN listing.

I won't be too specific in my doubts not to influence you too much, but the data is pretty lacking and I'm not sure about how to proceed from here.

do you know if such a thing has been studied for any organism, not just for fungi?

Do you have any input or idea to throw at me?

What do you reckon a good proxy should have in this context?

I'm at an empasse with the practicality of the idea, so right now I'm wondering if to keep it and work on it or just drop it and move on.

update from : Even here in the South is now red code: most places are closed, university, schools etc. That's ok.
We can't assembly in groups of people, and we basically have to stay at home.
I can live with that. It's a medical emergency.

University courses will continue online, using Microsoft TEAMS.
Here is where I snap.

G'day y'all, has anyone got experience with (, has opinions or anything about it?

I've never done this before, but I set up a spare laptop to donate computing power to research. I used (

Does anyone do this and have some insights and opinion on the best way to do it?
I've seen also BOINC is good and let you choose what to donate to, but I've no time atm to get deeper into it.

Anyway, in case you are not a tech, it was dead easy and it took me literally 5 minutes while drinking an orange juice.

I'm not sure I like having people in the house, it makes me quite self conscious about stuff that alone would feel just like normal.

I was standing in my underwear eating warm unsalted popcorn, one by one, looking at that nice big cup full of them, and my sister came in the kitchen.

What was a nice moment of me thinking about how to improve my popcorn and what to make of the day turned into having to explain what I was doing and aggressively stating "now that's **my** kitchen and if I like to hang hair on the fridge I'll just do that."

Just couple more days, then she'll be off.

Watching my tty doing the dist-upgrade, and getting excited when it asks me something like what my keymap should be because it feels like a high point of someone caring for my opinion in the past month or so.

Meanwhile, playing the , stuffed with a pijama in the drum, because if I feel dull and plain I don't see why it should sound any different.

Thanks mastodon, this low point in my life is no longer undocumented

seems like has arrived in my city too (Naples). One unconfirmed case, University closed for a few days, people buying tons of canned food and stuff to self-quarantine themselves at home.

Still, no one is buying pasta liscia, at least that's what they say.

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