A big shout-out for @kanboard . I've been using their kanboard software to do group project managing and it's really awesome!

It has most of the features of Taiga, Trello and more complex systems, but in a modular and simple to use and install way. Thank you!

gotta vent this somewhere: today I've seen a lot of content trying to raise awareness about the violence against women. While I agree that it is terrible (not more and not less than violence against any human being btw), as a straight male it also makes me shameful and totally unwilling to interact with women

I see content like "don't criticize her, don't tell her what to do", a lot of stuff that I'm not supposed to say do or talk about with women and fuck, it is exhausting. I'm already shy and don't approach women, all this stuff makes me so afraid of doing the wrong thing that I may just go talk with my bros for the rest of my life

Sometimes I feel so very socially inadequate

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We are very excited to announce Nextcloud Backup! This app is designed as a peer-to-peer backup solution, storing your backup on the Nextcloud server of a friend or family member.

Learn more about this backup app and test it out!

I'll write my prediction here, so in a few years I'll have a proof that I said it:
Charles Wesley Godwin is gonna become a fucking big one of the alt scene in less than 3 years.

I said the same with Colter Wall around 4 years ago, but got nothing to show for it.

Sometimes I wish there was some kind of way to invest or bet on musicians...

Damn it's already. Seems like yesterday when I was saying 'next halloween I'll have a great costume, I got all year!'

Instead here I am with nothing appropriate for the night, again.
I guess tonight it's gonna be data analysis and frozen pizza, again.
Y'all doin something tonight?

I just discovered that was taken down with a C&D letter. It is pretty sad to hear, it was a great app.
Anyone knows if the code has been moved somewhere else and is gaining some traction in the community?

Hey everyone, I've been out of the fediverse loop for a while, how you all doing?

two days to write a phd program for the interview on Tuesday. Gotta fill up that coffee mug I guess

I had some very good ideas on how to improve my , and make it livable and pretty and all... and my neighbours have done exactly those things a few days later, so now it would look like I'm copying them.

Damn! Will have to come out with a new design!

I've recently created an account, to try it out and see what is it about.
I'm FLABBERGASTED and slightly offended, I was banned 3 times in 2 weeks because Instagram thinks I'm not a person.

Feels like a ship that could crush any minute, so very unsafe, as if having your social life on a server controlled by others isn't a good enough reason for feeling restless to start with. How do people live with that stress?

Still, I like the structure and likely will give a try.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I find it disturbing when "boomer" is used as in insult or as a mockery. Is it so in your language too?

I don't think I've ever seen someone go against this kind of discriminatory language though so maybe it's just that I hang out with the wrong people =D

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A picture of my home Organic Chemistry lab I took about 8 years ago. Its really not hard to set up a home lab, and you can buy all the fancy stuff as you go if you want, but you can do a lot with even a basic setup.


damn, I only now noticed I typed past instead of pasta. And it works either way!

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Hello fedipeople, I am thinking of starting a personal website (again), but I'm unsure about how to go. if you have a personal website, would you mind linking it to me? I'd like to take inspiration and know more about the people I interact with ๐Ÿ˜Š

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A free lance artist just did this free lance drawing.. feel free to share it. as with all free lance drawings there is no charge of course.

Just graduated yesterday. It was weird when the final exam ended, it was just me alone in front of a monitor with some cold past at hand reach. I was so excited that I even microwaved it before eating it

Does anyone know an alternative desktop/web viewer for image boards? I look at only on the mobile, as the is way better, but I'm struggling to find a desktop one


63 BCE

"And that's why, senators, I think THIS GUY..."
That'a Cato the young at the senate, accusing Julius Caesar of being involved in the Catilina's Conspiracy, when a messenger delivers a letter to Julius Caesar.

Tension was palpable. All the attention was on the two men.

"Ah, here we have a proof of your being a dirty traitor! Here, read it out loud"

"Yeah no Cato I mean, it's alright, there's no need to..."

"I say you read it, go on, if you really got nothing to hide!"

It was a dirty love letter from Cato's sister, Servilia, to Caesar.

May the smirky smile on his face inspire you in your moment of difficulties

(that's not the exact dialogue, but is exactly what happened as far as we know)

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