so registration app is not working in 19? Weird

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Having some fun in the lab today doing some semisynthesis on phenols using Boron Trifluoride Etherate. Everything should be done except the final distillation step ill be doing tomorrow.

can anyone recommend me a ? Possibly something with an open source android app, or at least it shouldn't require googleplay services as I don't have it (I have lineageOS).



that kicking a ping pong ball around the house is an harmless and satisfying way to express frustration

Today I had the idea of writing my life stories, not really for publishing or even showing others, more to gather all the documents, pictures and memories around a series of stories, and having the chance to go back to places and ask questions to people I haven't spoke to in a while, even since I was a kid.
After that, I could even take spin offs into

Has you done or seen something similar? How was the work structured? Any suggestion?

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The Open COVID Pledge calls on organizations around the world to make their patents and copyrights freely available in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pledge was developed by the Open COVID Coalition, an international group of scientists and lawyers seeking to accelerate the rapid development and deployment of diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics, medical equipment and software solutions in this urgent public health crisis.

#OpenCOVIDpledge #COVID19

Can anyone help me with ?
When I share a folder with others (they do not have an account) is there a way for them to get a link to a specific file in that folder? For example, they upload a pic and want to get a link to that pic only

View of Capri from Montenuovo, near Naples

I'm so lucky to live near many beautiful places

Naples, Marechiaro, air is so clear that feels like looking at the landscape in HD

One of the best I read in a long time: The Mating Mind, by Geoffrey Miller

George Miller is a professor of Evolutionary Psychology, and the main thesis in this book is that our astonishing mental capacities come (mostly) from sexual selection.

In order to prove that, Miller takes the reader in a trip around the history of the theory of evolution, especially of sexual selection of course, and I tell you: I've done multiple exams on Evolution, Miller is the one who really gave me a good idea of how, how much, when and what sexual selection is all about.

It's packed with juicy, easy to chew paragraphs like how we think the courting worked in the paleolithic, what are the current hypothesis about the origin of the mind, why Wallace was after all a creationist (he denied sexual selection and thought the soul was given to us by a god), and so on. And in some moments I laughed hard, the guy has a razor-sharp humor.

The case he makes lacks evidence here and there, by his own admission, but frankly I'm sold on this hypothesis now.

I totally recommend it, a beautiful read

By now I have read enough articles to say that: the most attractive
in males goes from 23 to 26 (which is technically even overweight), and it's not a normal distribution at all.

We also have difficulties understanding our own mating value, which is absurd from an evolutionary standpoint. Especially since we humans have more mutual choice than many other animals, one should have kind quite an accurate estimate of its own attractiveness to attract the best it can. Looks like it's not the case.

One thing I wonder without having an answer though si whether IQ is correlated to an error in the self-estimate of the mating value, and if so how much and in what direction.

I'm kinda screwed anyway (no pun intended), I may as well explore all the areas I'm failing in this sense

Today was the first walk in the nature with friends after the long lockdown. I felt quite depressed lately, I was psychologically proved, but a single day around made my mood so much better!

I'll post some pictures to make you part of it, and

The habitat was either forest, dominated by Quercus ilex with some human planted pines, or sand dune , which is a beautiful and fragile ecosystem that I think should deserve more attention.
More details in the caption of every pic.

If you feel down, go for a walk in a park, take pictures of weird plants and animals, open a bit to how marvellous this living things are and feel free to tag me

It's been a while since I listened to a really entertaining and educational , but I stumbled upon this show 2 days ago and it's awesome!

History On Fire is an history podcast, by Daniele Bolelli who taught History for many years in California.
He really manages to take some interesting happenings in human history and make them even more intriguing. I am just coming out of 3+ hours of story about the slave rebellions in ancient Rome, with direct historians quotes and curiosities here and there.

You just have to get past his very thick Italian accent (his English is very good, it's really just the accent) it's a really nice podcast.

Tomorrow I'll do a full day without internet. May seem like a silly simple thing, but I haven't done it in months and with the lockdown I went way too much into it... I need a break.

I'll let you know how that goes =D

I've tried in the past couple of days... well I imagined worst.

Basically is just like chromium, with the notable exceptions of having adblockers and trackers built-in, Tor in the anonymous mode and the whole crypto/BAT thing.

All are very appreciated, and if you don't care about the rewards of tokens and such it doesn't get in the way at all.

I didn't really need the ad block and stuff, as I already have extensions for that

So far is promising, I may even switch for good

anyone has an actual experience with a vertical mouse?

I decided to start publishing me playing some stuff on my peertube channel, as a way to motivate me to get better and get over my shyness...
I'm not very good, but whatever, you gotta start somewhere. Hopefully with time I'll look back and laugh at the goofy attempts =D

This is the first song. From now on I'll just boost my peertube status with every video

I started taking lessons a while ago. Now I'm home, I can't really take lessons, and I have to practice... but all my neighbours are home as well, of course, and I am shy.

So I thought well, I should take this as an opportunity. I shouldn't be ashamed of my skills, and anyway it's my house so I can do as I please.

So I proceeded to soundproof the built-in closet.

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