Anyone here has used team management software? I am working with other people and I feel we are wasting quite some time in decision making, task assigning and so on, as they are used to work in person but now team is all over Italy.

They are not IT people, they are biologists, naturalists, so I'm looking for friendly and easy solutions, even at the cost of flexibility.

Any input or opinion is appreciated!

Also, we are now rolling the latest stable release, 19.0.3

the conflict with the Register app is now solved, new users can apply directly.

I also added the deck and circles apps to test how can work as a team management software (similar to trello or something)

Let me know what you think!

tonight I was feeling a bit blue, so I went out on my bicycle to do some .
Now, when you go out to find caches, you basically need your mobile and a pen. 2 things. I managed to forget 50% of them.

No pen, no fun.

Then woah, I see a supermarket, still open! I get in and look for a pen. Nothing. I asked the workers there, who started laughing. I guess not many people look for pen late at night, so we laughed together!
They were out of pens, but we had a nice chat, and they gave me a beautiful pink pen for present. It's the personal pen of one of the workers.

It was a nice night.

I love humans when they are bros

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Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox probed over ‘unfair’ T&Cs in Italy. So have you maybe recently migrated from any of these mentioned to Nextcloud? Any tips to share? via @techcrunch

has anyone tested talk in videoconference with, say, 15 people? Maybe @khird ? How does it behave, compared to say skype or teams or jitsi (which is terrible IME with over 10 people)?

I'm reading that over 5 people it's not very efficient, but I'd like some opinion


Too bad I can't put "napping" in my resume, 'cause I'm a fucking pro

Anyone knows how does protect self destructing media from screenshot? I turned off FLAG_SECURE with the edXposed module and I can screenshot private chats, but I still can't with ephemeral photos.
Any idea on how to proceed? I hate my devices to tell me what I can and can't do!

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Today we are proud to announce our End-to-end encryption is production ready and more!
🔒End-to-end Encryption in our clients
💻Desktop client 3.0 with completely new interface
📞Android 3.13 with reworked UI

Learn more:

Following the direct discussion with @gregory and @freemo I enabled 2FA for every user of our instance. You can activate it in your personal settings.

Hurray for security!

Is anyone into here? I thought it could be a fun idea, I'm just a bit turned off by the closed source app, and I'm still a bit looking around, any opinion is welcome =)

I'm out of phase, I wrote "app" like 5 times in 5 rows. lol

I am excited to add the Maps app to our instance, seems like a very interesting app!
Also, I added the Tasks app to sync with tasks app. you can find a great FOSS one on F-droid called, creatively, Task

Upgraded everything, and a reminder: as of now new users must sent a DM to get an account, as the register app is still not available for newer nextcloud version

I like my open-minded friends.
It make me laugh when they are ready to take a fight to defend the women's right to choose what to do with their bodies, or empathize with the difficulties of someone from a different ethnicity, but are ready to punch you in the fucking face for putting pineapple on a pizza

I'm out of mainstream social media since 2012. I'm considering joining Instagram now, to follow some musicians I like. How is the social media world atm, fellow fediverse?

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Reviewer 2: go fuck yourself! A recent article to test the wide belief that Reviewer #2 is a uniquely poor reviewer.

Some nice highlights:

Reviewer #2 is not the problem. Reviewer #3 is. In fact, he is such a bad actor that he even gets the unwitting Reviewer #2 blamed for his bad behavior.

What is worse is that Reviewer 3 seems to be a crafty cretin

He or she is able to do this while Reviewer 2 takes the blame . This seems like it is the ultimate jerk move.

so registration app is not working in 19? Weird

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