Good morning.
It's 9:15 am, Friday. Tried coffee with sugar, turns out I don't like it. Brewed a moka pot instead of ruined cup.
I noticed an interesting tendency: I get way more creative ideas when I don't listen to music. While I can't work without some beats in the background, walking with my earphones in for some reason stops my brain from having new ideas. So to all genz-ers who plugs their ears 25/8: try not to for a while, see what happens. It wont hurt, I promise. At least not too much.

@academicalnerd I hear absolutely nothing, but my creativity isn't going through the roof! 😅

LMAO. I first didn't get it but then read your bio...
On a serious note though, the idea is to not overload your senses in moments of piece and `quiet`, sorry for pun. Not sure what the equivalent for you would be, to be honest.

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