2021-03-13, 12:26, Saturday

I thought it would be nice to share my writing setup. I use three different devices:

  • windows pc;
  • linux (debian based pop_os+xmonad on top) laptop;
  • honor phone with stock android.

The right way to do things, as we all know, is to use plain text files, markdownin my case. It plays nicely with cross-platform obsidian for linux and windows, and for phone app called “markor” works quite well, it is also able to handle “todo.txt” files. To sync stuff I use syncthing. The entire setup is basically one folder full of text files where I put new stuff as I go. There are also a bunch of plugins for obsidian but I am yet to discover those.

Additionally, if you get bored with gui, there is no reason to not use any other editor live vim or emacs, even if links break you can always search in the directory.

@academicalnerd Thanks to your mention a while ago about Obsidian, I’ve been trying that as well. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait until they got their mobile app going.

@academicalnerd @trinsec

FWIW: from the thread/discussion we had on the topic of various tools I decided I wanted to give Obsidian OR Foam a try. As Obsidian isn't open-source I figured I should start with Foam, and I'm getting well in to it too. Foam + git in my case. I think the major difference, for me, is that I actually write things now, more so than only planning to write and looking at tools, hehe. :)

@mathias @trinsec
I always thought that it actually is open source… Gotta give foam a shot, thanks!

Cool, never heard of Foam before. Looks like it's in such an early stage that it doesn't have executables yet as release, that's a bit too early for me. ;)
Kinda funny though, when I saw the screenshots I thought 'Huh, Obsidian?', it looks very similar.

Yeah, Obsidian isn't opensource, but they promised (let's hope this is a real promise and not the 'usual' promise I generally see heh) that it'll stay free. Just their services (sync, which you can do yourself, and publish) is paid and optional. And if you earn money with the software, you gotta get a commercial license, which seems fair to me.


I've taken a closer peek at Foam to see if I could check it out in detail. It seems to be a VS Code addon, not a standalone thing. It also looks like it'd be unable to have a mobile app if you need VS Code installed in the first place. That would be far from useful in my case, alas.


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