aqua fortis = "strong water" (aka. nitric acid)
We implemented aqua fortis the same way in our experiments.



Aqua regia, “royal water” - a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids, 3:1 by volume, which can be used to dissolve gold. The more important and common application, however, is cleaning pots for high-temperature experiments/studies.

Mix acids together in a glass beaker, better use a new one. Put small melting pots in, cover with a piece of glass leaving a small hole for fumes to come out. Now heat this sheer monstrosity up to a boil! Nitric acid gives a nice “fox tail”, dark-orange cloud of NO2, nitrogen oxide IV, when heated up. Your pots will be ready in a few hours. Remember to do it under an exhaust and rinse your pots afterwards.

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