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The stranger turned out to be a bandit and they attacked you.
🧍‍♂️ Bandit
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Learn how QR codes work, and how to read them without a computer!

@piko and I just released the interactive explainer that we used in our workshop at #37c3! Avast fined for selling customer info without their consent and lying about it. Amazon coffee machine under fire for secretly taking pictures of employees in breakroom. E.U. working group apparently looking for ways around ECHR ruling prohibiting undermining end-to-end encryption. EDRi pushes for ban on spyware after politicians were attacked by phone hacking malware. San Francisco police to be able to operate any method of surveillance for a year before review. San Franciscans have a chance to vote against it. Major League Baseball is scanning your face. School drops plans to fingerprint students. Child Protective Agency coercing parents into allowing them to search their homes without a warrant. New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner helps grocery store to invade citizens privacy with new face recognition program.

stop being a coward-

speak up against child abuse

not being heard? get an anon third party analyze your perception before you escalate to the next power up(not last)

Don't ask Reddit/Internet "What should I do?" , actually ask a professional before committing to your next action.

I just blocked a bunch of domains that had bots target me

-almost done reverse-engineering SuperMicro tech
-wrote in my journal

"How should a mystic conduct oneself in everyday life? This question is both simple and complex. Being a mystic is to be aware of and shoulder one’s responsibilities in one’s family life, working life, and spiritual life. A thinking, active, responsible mystic does not feed on what is negative and unhealthy. A mystic does not make hasty judgments, and does not condemn without having tried to understand the why and the how of things and events. The mystic’s attitude is an open one, respecting everyone’s right to be different and to exercise freedom of expression. A mystic is able to give assistance, bring calm, and speak in a compassionate manner to whoever is in need. A mystic accepts philosophically – without becoming disenchanted – the tests that are experienced during one's life: for a mystic is not exempt from lessons, we just find it a little bit easier to learn them." Christian Bernard

-worked on a roof
-currently drinking
-rewatching CP:ER for the n'th time

Actively trying to get my old Ops crew is hard work in the modern economy.

Eg.). PsyOps replaced with TikTok

Please stop while you're ahead modern MySpace.

Bulgarian coworker was black pilling me for two hours today. About the world at large and local government.

Bruh, calm yo arse down before ye catch light of yonder phallus to thy mind.

Ain't a squire beseaching thy wife's maidenhead, nor bespoke of Crusade o'er ye apartment.

Yah be in da hood of wit was da unknown world a few broke centuriums bak.... yo.

This hurt to type.

Sometimes I wonder if my life is a weird TV drama- when events play out in an unrealistic but hollywood-written, queued way. I am not _that_ entertaining. Go away.

The FSF is hiring for its outreach and communications coordinator position. Join the FSF campaigns team here in Boston, MA, and work for software freedom:

-worked out abs and arms
-wrote in journal
-worked on certs

Today's the day I finally start cutting heartstrings.

To those concerned, don't be. This doesn't apply to you if you're reading this.

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