It's too early to be awake...I want to go back to bed.

-reviewed test logs
-listened to tech podcasts while working
-wrapped Xmas presents
-deleted junk apps from ok phone
-paid off credit card(again)
-started transferring accounts to new email address for improved security
+Hope to experiment with 3d graphics programming after dinner (maybe bbq wings?)

Properties of the #number 17:
- Odd
- Prime
- Prime factorization = 17
- 1 prime factor
- 2 divisors
- φ(n) = 16
- Binary: 10001
- Hex: 11

More info:

I just came across my first advertisement for CNBC news- how desperate do you have to be to have to advertise your news channel on a [redacted category] stream? I need to hurry up and get my PiHole back up...

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