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Kanye West went to Moscow. I wonder if he'll get apprehended- or if he'll be too rich for that.

That was an amazingly delicious hot link, potato, egg and onion burrito.

I was blessed today. Customized meals made by others are truly more delicious.

-had ice cream
-sobered up from regretful night
-wrote two pages in journal

Phrase:: "known to break a lance"

To take a stand , to contend + for (to the benefit of) + in favour of (to the benefit of) + against (in opposition to) + with (in opposition to)

Cyberpunk 2077 — Never Fade Away by P. T. Adamczyk & Olga Jankowska (SAMURAI Cover)

Remember when NFTs were going to change the world of crypto forever?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Remember when Bitcoin was supposed to be for l337 haxors and drug deals?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I always remember people who blindly follow trends- will likely fall off the same cliff in the same blind faith.

Internet Archive forced to remove 500,000 books after publishers’ court win

>> Online communist says "new update unlocks secret ending!! " Posted two days ago.
<< Continue reading, waiting for first tidbit of new route I never took
<< Turns out this isn't a new update. It's a review clickbait. Update was a looong time ago.
>> Columnist either deliberately clickbait or lives under a rock.

modern programming is like,

"if you're using to parse http headers, you will need to also install bepis to get buffered read support. but please note that bepis switched to using sasquatch for parallel tokenization as of version 0.0.67, so you will need the bongo-sasquatch extension crate as well."

old-time programming is like,

"i made a typo in this function in 1993. theo de raadt got so angry he punched a wall when he saw it. for ABI compatibility reasons, we shan't fix the typo."

We really need something #selfhosted that is on par and not overly challenging to manage.

Many of us have seen matrix, and dont like how complicated it is to setup/maintain.

I dont even need all of discord tbh, I just want what voicechannels give us, but compatible with
#activity instances like mastodon/misskey for authentication would be badass

(discord is absolutely disgusting... by No Text To Speech)[]

A few questions for @Edent ::

What is your favorite code foundry and why? Which ones have you tried?

Remember gang, Net Promoter Score is bullshit - and you should never ask humans to score each other.

"Mysticism teaches cosmic laws and principles by which we are brought into closer consciousness of our divine power. The mystical experience of union with the One imposes upon the mystic a moral obligation — to use this knowledge for the welfare of others." Rosicrucian Manuscript

Yes, I can tolerate extreme heat. No, I don't want to.

Yes, I acknowledge Karen from HR like it hot. No, I don't want to sleep with Karen.

Fuck off you damn mosquitoes!!!

Upon request. Time to heat up the place. Are you serious? Eat a ice cream! Why do you need hot food when it's 120*F 49*C outside?! I deal with extreme heat every day, my reprieve is colder temperatures!!!

Are we on bad terms or something?! Do I need to move to actual polar climates?!

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