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The kind of C++ project in which the developers can't decide whether to write code in C or C++.

In light of recent developments regarding the #twitter API (it will no longer be free) and the likely ripple effects this will have on other websites and services, I humbly submit this updated version of an old #xkcd comic:

Took me way too long.

For the ones that still do not see it. There is a hole in the box for your hand there

Shunga, tentacle sex (ish), attempt at making sense of mermaid vaginas 

19th century shunga painting illustrating a tryst between a mermaid and an octopus man. The unknown artist has put some thought into if mermaids have vulvas and where the vulva goes!

Courtesy of the British Museum

This was Braun's last ever HiFi system, released in 1990. In their own words:

"The consumer electronics market is characterized by cut-throat competition. Manufacturers not offering an innovation or at least cosmetic pseudo changes every 2 years are quickly suspected of being obsolete.

This increasingly risky development would mean having to weaken certain principles of our design philosophy: honesty & durability. We will no longer support this development.

Braun HiFi becomes history."

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Parking lot was full today. Turns out a lot of people flew in from across the country. I wonder if anyone noticed the blood on my bumper...

Foul language warning 

If a literal dickhead gets a hard on, is he a horny unicorn?

Tonight's dinner:: 2 egg omelette.

- 2 eggs
- dab of milk (apprx 4-6 tablespoons
- fiesta cheese
- hot pico de Gallo
- mushrooms
- more cheese
- shredded ham(thin lunch meat)
- Cheyenne pepper
- even more cheese

+++ Octavio's local hot sauce <3~

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