The best news of the day? I got an email that my is finally on its way and is being processed in .

Due to irl drama, I was asked to log into a Facebook account I haven't been on in over 7 yrs to see what messages were sent to me.

I tried to recover it- and Facebook errored out and I can't log in anymore. All for the best I guess.

Registration for the 100% online LibrePlanet 2021 conference is live! Register today to help us build an amazing event:

Muting more people so I don't have to see them...

I feel like github page's load balancer changes IP address more often than my VPS does. Maybe I should give up on it? I don't like having one machine running all my stuff though.

Show HN: Iconduck – 100k open source icons, downloadable and searchable -

We've developed a low-cost, open-source, live streaming underwater camera designed for long-term continuous immersion for ~$200 💸

Made from PVC pipe, everything you need to construct this camera can be bought from your local hardware/electronics stores 🎥

Read more about the evolution of our low-cost underwater camera technology here:

EFF has prepared a lengthy list for the incoming Biden administration, outlining immediate actions it should take to protect everyone’s digital civil liberties

There is still time to register for LibrePlanet 2021! This multi-day conference, hosted by Electronic Frontier Alliance member @fsf, offers an opportunity for activists and experts to discuss current issues in technology and ethics.


If you are a developer...
- working on open source
- and struggling to get visibility

Reply with a link to your project.

I'll take a look, provide honest feedback, and suggest some ideas on how to improve it.


For the second time, I tried to use and it wouldn't compile.... Back to c++ ...

Interesting fact of the day:

Despite popular belief it is not really correct to say the speed of light is a universal speed limit in the universe. It would be more correct to say one object can never go faster, relative to another object by the speed of light.

In other words, no matter what speed I am going relative to the earth (or anything else) doesn't matter; if there is some object going the same speed and direction as me I can still accelerate up to the speed of light faster than it.

All that matters is that nothing can go faster than the speed of light relative to me the observer.

If you fancy yourself a cyberpunk, but have an aversion from going to the dentist- you're not ready for prosthetic body parts or augmentations.

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