>> Successfully restore someone's dilapidated hand-made wooden box with ornate carvings.
>> Top it off with new coat of varnish, wd40 the rusted lock. Present it back in a cardboard box with tissue paper.
<< Go fuck yourself.
>> Sorry? You said you wanted it fixed.
<< Yeah, but now I have to look at it and feel guilty.
>> I guess I'll go...
<<<<(2) omg that looks amazing!!
<<(1) yeah, I'm so happy it turned out so well!
<<<< Did you do it yourself?
<< I had to, it really meant a lot to my grandpa
<<<< Why won't lucifargundam do anything for you?
<< I don't know, just always depressed for no reason.

>> ....
>>(Internally) fucking seriously?

Snake eyes? Move over! It's time for Lovrcraftian Horror!

Special note to law-enforcement agents: The word "state" is a technical term [...] We are not talking about eliminating other types of states. We love most states, especially yours! Also, "hash" is another technical term and has nothing to do with cannabis.


“Peace manifests externally but begins internally--that is, in the thinking, idealism, and mental discipline of each individual. Peace must begin with the individual and work outward.” Ralph M. Lewis

You enter a gothic, blue office. There is a RUG near the window. You see a CUP OF COFFEE here, on the wall. There is an AIRPLANE MECHANIC here, standing around.


I bet no one who writes Rust has even seen the bigger picture on a lower level nor cares to. Processors are black box magic. They can't comment on the work those do on lower levels with any sort of authority.
I wish a CPU bug upon them. The kind that no amount of debugging on such a high level can find.
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