Regius = royal
"The son ascended to the regius throne."
"He was not subject to the country et thus was not capable of inheriting a titulus('title') regius."

Ergo = "therefore"

There wasn't any evidence, ergo- it was deemed unlikely to exist.

Magnum opus = "great work"
The philosopher achieved his magnum opus and recorded his findings on emerald tablets.

No new shows to watch, decided to watch 'ergo proxy' again.

Not sure if other users experienced this, but I have been getting unusual text messages compared to my previous phones. I believe these are either generated by Modem manager or sent by my service provider. In them includes timestamps and my phone #. This leads me to be inclined to believe them to be associated with voicemails being left.

If anyone else has any other ideas, I'm all ears.


The student ran about the yard distributing many a ludus.

"I once sought myself out to be a formidable and strong man: yet I have become young and palpable. It is with age that I have learned that I have much to learn and grow as I do suffer and suffice. Hence is the eternal war against ones own constitution."

Numisma = "piece of money"
When he emptied out his pockets, he dropped a rare numisma.

Navis = boat/vessel
"The captain boarded the enemy navis."

Ad libertatem = "at liberty"
His choices were carried out ad libertatem.

Finally got my next achivement on Shenzen IO!!! I'm solitare'd out for a long time now...

nulla = zero
"I do not subscribe to the view that we must reduce it to an absoluta nulla."

cops! general 

it amazes me that there's a concept of Brady cops, and that they're not just fired for not doing their fuckin jobs

police departments keep track of their officers with credibility issues (re. a 1963 case); this misconduct can count as exculpatory evidence that the department may need to forward to legal defense. so they don't tend to send these folks to court.

some forces will keep these officers employed anyway. some local jurisdictions prevent officers from being punished for being placed on the list (though not the offense that got them there), such as CA: (sec. a).

bonus: these lists are often not available to the public!

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