At some point in my life I went across one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts, and overheard a great idea there. To gain a motivation boost, imagine yourself being a hero of a documentary, with an invisible camera pointing at you. Would it be interesting to watch someone binging their netflix? Or would you rather see one of these cool guys on this “screen”, the one who overcomes obstacles and strves to reach one’s goals? This is a good change of perspective, but I recently came up with even better version.

Don’t try to be a hero in this movie, rather focus on being a villian. Don’t be a dick, I don’t mean it. A good villian is a powerful, capable entity with well-defined motivation, that is usually powerful from the very beginning, contrary to the hero who has to work their way up. Trying to adopt this attitude and behaviour is a surprisingly good tool. After all, we often like villians more than heroes, and for a good reason.

@academicalnerd Now that’s a bit of an oxymoron there.

  1. you need a motivation boost
  2. so you imagine yourself being this guy full of “well-defined motivation”
  3. …. which you don’t have, as the reason to do all this is to gain it
  4. … eeeeehhhh. Anyway… What did we speak about?




Yeah, you are right. I meant “worldview”, which is interchangeable with motivation in context of literature, but here it does look odd. I guess I’m still in the process of figuring things out with this language.

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