A cup of hot black coffee and some pastry make life a lot more tolerable. Add a cozy cafe with some good beats and you can almost feel alive.

@academicalnerd 100% agree! What pastry is your favorite? I’m partial to caramel apple coffee cake myself..I just can’t have it too often 😅


It’s either tiramisu (although it’s tricky to find a good one sometimes) or maple syrup bun with pecan nuts on top. And coffee is usually black, espresso, filter or lungo.

@academicalnerd Very nice choices for the pastries! Though for coffee I personally am not a fan of espresso (my wife really loves it makes one daily if she has time).

I like black, light roast, cold-brewed coffee to reduce the bitterness, but overall I prefer pomegranate oolong tea. It's my daily drink of choice: I buy it in bulk for cheap so I can have like ~1-1.5L per day...I may have small dependence, but at least I don't add any sugar or calories to it, right? ...maybe I should cut back a little... :blobsmilesweat:


Lol. 1.5l is a lot, at least in terms of bathroom break time.

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