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I'm working on the next post in my series, which will include a full write up on the project and multiple demos, but I figured I'd go ahead and share the overview as a preview.

This is JournalHub. It's an academic publishing platform I've been working on since deciding crowdsourcing was a dead end. It's still in early alpha and there's a lot of work left to do.

But it gives you an idea of what is possible.

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"The easiest way to grow in academia is to pay other people to produce papers on which you, as the grant holder, can put your name.

[...] and those papers are what the supervisor uses to apply for more grants. The result is a paper production machine, in which students and postdocs are burnt through to bring in money for the institution. Most of that money come from your taxes."

"That's how academia works."

@academicchatter #Science
h/t @neuralreckoning

So Google is completely getting rid of less secure app support, basically gutting my ability to use IMAP to access my email, thus my ability to use mu4e with isync.

Looks like I'm migrating completely to mailbox, and using gmail for random trash even more than I already was.

I'm so sick of them getting rid of functionality under the guise of "security". It's really annoying.

Hi everyone, I'm starting a blog on hashnode!

I'll post the first article soon (on some ideas for dealing with some of the issues in the modern scientific process), and I would love some feedback once it's live if you're up for a bit of a read :)

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It's #FossFriday again!

Today's project is #Zulip. Zulip is an open source chat client similar to Slack or Discord but IMHO better: it has a threading-first design philosophy that works great for following many conversations at once. They also offer free access to the paid cloud plan for small non-profits, researchers, and open source projects. I don't use Zulip a ton bc of network effects. People don't want to use yet another chat tool. But it's such a great tool!!

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Does anyone know the term for when a virus or similar is beneficial to one population, but harmful to another?

#biology #science #etymology

Quick shout out to CasaOS providing the FileDrop feature (like Mac's Airdrop but for your local network or anyone currently accessing the app).

It's an amazing little piece of file transfer tech that has made me feel much safer regarding certain sensitive document transfers at my house, that's for sure!

@queenofhatred Hey! Have you ever played with Symex-mode for editing common (and other) lisps? It's a really cool "vim-like" way of structurally editing the ASTs, and I thought you'd like it :)

I'm officially down just over 40lbs in 61 days, and I'm feeling great! I still have more to go, but I'm well over halfway to the finish line!

Having my first cheat meal on the carnivore diet after losing 35lbs. It's not going to be a regular thing, but man my head has been killing me the last few days due to poor sleep and I need a small break. Wish me luck that I can keep going, I have a bit more to go!

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I’d rather have a conversation with an informed person I disagree with than an uninformed person that I agree with.

This principle has brought me more growth than almost anything else.

Our opponents are not necessarily our enemies, and they might be our greatest teachers.

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Edit: Please justify your answers lol, forgot to put that in the original post.

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Thoughts on attendance policies in graduate vs undergraduate courses courses? If you have an alternative view, please leave a comment.

I never thought I could hate Microsoft more than I already did, and yet my school's IT administrators have managed to make the impossible possible.

I hate dealing with telecom companies.

My first book chapter/(conference proceedings for a conference I didn't know was a conference???) is out today! Not my first peer-reviewed paper, but definitely the first that went into a book 😁

The title is "Systematic Review of Inclusive Design via Neuroergonomics as Assistance for Atypical Neurology"

The book is here, my article/chapter is at the end of the first page (and starts in the book on page 272)

It's not what I normally work on, but I'm grateful that I was able to find a gap in the literature that I think needs to be filled and to hopefully put some attention toward it!

(Note the paper isn't as polished as I would have liked, the professor who ended up submitting it didn't do as many revisions to what was originally a just supposed to be a term paper as we expected, though I'm sort of a perfectionist 😓 )

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Anything that makes a city a worse place to drive makes it a better place to live… 👀

So it turns out my bike's battery can be charged with only $0.08 of electricity, and with a maximum range of 70 miles or 25 miles on maximum assist. So I can pay $0.00114 per mile (assuming I'm even using the assist)!

With current prices of gas, it's $0.08 per mile with no chance of pedaling, bikes (and e-bikes) are awesome!

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