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Thoughts on attendance policies in graduate vs undergraduate courses courses? If you have an alternative view, please leave a comment.

I never thought I could hate Microsoft more than I already did, and yet my school's IT administrators have managed to make the impossible possible.

I hate dealing with telecom companies.

My first book chapter/(conference proceedings for a conference I didn't know was a conference???) is out today! Not my first peer-reviewed paper, but definitely the first that went into a book 😁

The title is "Systematic Review of Inclusive Design via Neuroergonomics as Assistance for Atypical Neurology"

The book is here, my article/chapter is at the end of the first page (and starts in the book on page 272)

It's not what I normally work on, but I'm grateful that I was able to find a gap in the literature that I think needs to be filled and to hopefully put some attention toward it!

(Note the paper isn't as polished as I would have liked, the professor who ended up submitting it didn't do as many revisions to what was originally a just supposed to be a term paper as we expected, though I'm sort of a perfectionist 😓 )

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Anything that makes a city a worse place to drive makes it a better place to live… 👀


So it turns out my bike's battery can be charged with only $0.08 of electricity, and with a maximum range of 70 miles or 25 miles on maximum assist. So I can pay $0.00114 per mile (assuming I'm even using the assist)!

With current prices of gas, it's $0.08 per mile with no chance of pedaling, bikes (and e-bikes) are awesome!

My laser cutter just came in, and I'll be posting pictures of some of my new inlay stuff once I get it fully configured! (And if I decide to mod it, I'll post a build guide on my website if anyone is interested 😄 )

Currently 8 days without food, and 12-15(somewhere in there) days with less than 500 calories.

Mouth holes? Healing faster.

Hunger? Minimal, but pops up occasionally.

Fatigue? None.

Exercise fatigue? Lots (probably need more electrolyte powder)

Amount of money I'm planning on spending when I can eat again on delicious Korean barbecue? Potentially all of it 😂

I've lost 15lbs (~7kg) in ~1.5 weeks from not being able to eat due to having my wisdom teeth pulled out and having some complications. I'll take it!

I've been trying to lose weight for a while, and being hungry is better than dry socket pain (literal agony 💀) or infection (potential agony 😂). If I keep it up until my holes are healed up as planned, I'll be able to buy those second hand tweed suits and jackets I've been eyeing for a while on eBay 🤤

@trinsec HEY! I just got a cool Dutch e-bike and I wanted you to be the first person I told (aside from my wife who okayed the purchase, and my mom who kept me on the phone while I drove out to pick it up...but they don't count lmao). ITS SO NICE, and now I'm even more jealous of your country. If you have any tips or tricks for your fancy Nederlander bikes, please lemme know, otherwise if this was weird, you can also tell me that and I'll stop 😂

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Re-writing a graph library's inbuilt functions to use matrices instead of their inbuilt graph data structure is literally giving me 10x performance boosts in nearly all of my calculations.....I'm not sure what be up, but something, indeed, be up.

Edit: Their implementation is actually WAY better, the problem is I need to do conversions into matrix forms which is insanely slow, which leads to a bottleneck which is beaten just by using the matrix implementation, apparently.

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Related. I fucking HATE open source projects which use the "Discord as Documentation" anti-pattern.

Just write down some instructions rather than getting grumpy that newbies are asking the same predictable questions again and again and again.

So I just made "honeyed egg-fried-rice", just to see if I would like it. It's incredible, and I highly recommend the recipe, which I will attach below. Please note, nearly all ingredients are "to taste" or guesses, but once I really have time to tweak the recipe, I'll post another toot with the amounts I found to be the best for me. I'd also like to recommend adding cured pork, like charsiu, and glazing that in the honey as you cook the dish, but the following is a vegetarian version.

1-2 day old rice (should have been kept refrigerated, in case that needs to be said, lol) ~ 2 cups/500g
Large Eggs ~3-4
Oil (preferably olive, or neutral)
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Chinese Black Vinegar (or normal rice vinegar, your choice)
Soy Sauce (I love lee kum kee for this)
Peas+Carrots (or any sufficiently small veggies)
Raw Honey, preferably crystallized (or just pure honey with no adulterants, unlike what you get in the US...)

Nonstick pan (ceramic, wok, etc. stainless steel will NOT work)
Wooden spatula

First, coat the bottom of your pan with oil, and allow to heat up until shimmering but not smoking.
Add the rice and break up in the oil to coat and separate all the grains.
Add eggs, and stir-fry rapidly to coat the rice, but slow enough that you don't destroy all the curds. Allow the eggs to nearly set before proceeding to the next step. If you can't get this step right for some reason, pre-cook the eggs (keep them slightly runny) and add them here.
Add all seasonings except soy sauce, honey, vinegar and MSG to taste/smell (rough estimates would be ~1-3TBSP (15-45g) vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, per cup/225g of rice.
Add the MSG, vinegar and soy sauce to taste, in that order. Be careful with the MSG as it's quite salty, you can always come back to add more after adding the soy sauce to dial in the flavor as you like it. Note: overdo the salt and vinegar notes a bit, these will be rounded out when you add the honey.
Allow the rice to get to the point from "hissing" to "popping" in the pan to build up a nice crust. Keep the rice moving so it doesn't get too crusty in one place (crucial to get an approximation of wok hei without a real wok).
Add the honey (approximately 1-2TBSP per cup/15-30g per 225g) and mix vigorously. It will slowly melt when exposed to the heat, and coat the rice, adding another layer of flavor complexity to the dish.
Finally, add the peas and carrots to the rice (you don't want them overcooked or you'll lose their brightness). Do a final tasting and correct as needed.
Top with any garnish you want (e.g. thin sliced, fresh spring onions) and serve.

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and then he serialized himself using python pickle

funniest shit I've ever seen

Ah, yes, all 4 biological sexes according to Cronometer.

Oh, and I thought of a math joke:

"Yo mamma's so fat they call her Hilbert because her curves are space filling".

Thank you, I'll be here all week 😂

Today I finally built my first package for gnu guix: zotero! It works now, and I'm quite proud of myself, as it wasn't easy to do :) If anyone is using guix, the link to the build is on guix-science!

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@freemo Edit, if you're referring to gun metal blueing, we may be talking past each other. The black layer you're referring to is made chemically with etchants rather than via heat accelerated oxidation, which would likely take the process straight to black (or may be a different form of iron oxide than what is created during heat blueing, though I suspect the gun process is named after the heating process).

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