Well this took a good while, eh. I finished my thesis! And started working as a full-time software tester the next day. Because aint no rest for the wicked, that and the experience and skills I can get.

It’s an interesting experience after four years on university: to have a “real” job. And (for now) way less stressful than the studying used to be. There is a fixed workday, lunch, two (!) days off on weekends and plenty of time to do the job you were hired to do. And even a paycheck, not that large for now, but still eight times what my lab used to pay.

I hope this experience serves me well, even though now it breeds more trouble than it solves.

I'm happy you enjoy it!
So you're going away from chemistry?


Not really, I'll have to get into MSc program. Maybe more physics-centered, yes, but it's still science. Programming is more of a temporary job at this point.

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