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Hola a todo los españoles que empezaron a seguirme.
Me presento: yo soy un quimico italiano, ahora estoy mudando en Santiago de Compostela a trabajar.

El mi Español no es el mejor, quiero que mejorarlo. Por un Italiano es facil hablar Español, pero es dificil perfectarlo porqué la gente entiende tambien si hablas alguna palabra en italiano.
Ahora soy en Varsovia, en la cama de una pintor.
En 10 dias tengo l'avion por España.
Stoy buscando una habitacion en Santiago, si sabes de alguno que alquila mandame un mesajo.

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Instances that block other instances generally publish those blocks in the about page.
I advise against joining the ones who don't follow this practice.
Discovering which instances blocked that specific one is a bit more difficult.

To have an idea of the instances you're going to interact with, I recommend this website I also used it when I switched to this instance.

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Alright, I installed the application fedilab and everything seems to work correctly with this one.
I guess I can now fully transfer my old account here

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@apps after I upgraded to version 3 I cannot anymore select fedilab when I'm sharing links from other apps

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@Gabratta @rastinza Probabilmente sei troppo giovane per conoscerla, ma Sergio Zavoli nell'89/90 realizzò su raidue una serie di 18 documentari sugli anni di piombo chiamata La Notte della Repubblica, è rimasta nella storia.
Probabilmente è anche presente su raiplay, se vuoi darci un'occhiata. 😉

I have made a simple tool to count the toots in my home timeline.
This morning, at 9 in the morning I already received 75 toots.

Serafino aveva un siffolo
Che faceva venire il sereno
Ed uscire tutte le donne belle

Siffolalo anche al mastodon

In Spagna alla TV c'è un programma sugli anni di piombo in cui parlano della stazione di Bologna e di come l'operazione Gladio sia stata sviluppata per bloccare i comunisti.
Ne parlano più qua che in Italia...

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Man im looking over all the places ive been and its a bit overwhelming, especially considering ive spe t montha in many places and even lived inany places. Here is a breakdown of places ive been and how long I stayed:

Over a dozen USA states
Netherlands (about 2 years total)
Egypt (3 months)
Israel (3 months and ongoing)
Iceland (1 week)
Canada (1 week)
Us virgin islands (1 year)
Uk (1 week)
Germany (1 month)
Italy (2 weeks)
France (1 week)
Maldives (1 month, currently here)
Belgium (1 week)
Russia (1 day)

Hopefully i have much more of this comming.

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A programmer is a machine for turning coffee into opinions on mechanical keyboards

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> don't ask questions
> trust science and progress

only the faithful shall receive blessings from on high

Is there a way to count how many toots reached your home timeline in a day?
Maybe a weekly graph with the number of toots received each day?

Sweden: taking a bunch of political refugees and then agreeing on extraditing them is quite a bad thing to do.
At least they could have kept that out of the negotiations table

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These guys also developed two methods called SELFIES and STONED; I'll tell you that it's quite difficult to find articles related to those things since you get a lot of other random results...

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salty about chemistry 

.. dimethyl methane, so that's .. a methane with two methyl groups replacing two hydrogen atoms. Methyl, methyl .. that's a carbon and three hydrogens (this is my brain on chemistry talking), so that's .. three carbons and .. 8 hydrogens .. wait a second...

Those bastards! They're obfuscating propane. And the CAS number in the MSDS, 74-98-6, confirms the ploy.

I wonder if a dimethyl methane refrigerant sells better than one made of propane...

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Request for input from blind programmers 

Saw a tweet saying that tabs work better than spaces when you're using a braille display

Seems logical, but this information doesn't seem to be coming from a blind person, so I thought I'd check

Which form of #Python indentation is more accessible to you?

(sighted people: don't vote, be patient)

#accessibility #programming

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