Super early thoughts:

- Onboarding feels super smooth. Selecting the default server feels low stakes.

- Initial feed feels Twitteresque, for better or worse. I don't know how to explain what this means. It's a vibe.

- Took about 5 mins to switch to I LOVE this.

These are weak points with , as I think nearly everyone acknowledges.

@acjay Yeah, but do those features outweigh the weak point of being owned by Dorsey?

@LouisIngenthron @acjay The only thing "owned" by Dorsey is the company creating the protocol (ATProto) and a service running over it (Bluesky). But the protocol itself is as open source as Mastodon's ActivityPub.

@acjay a battered wife returning to her abusive spouse yet again...

@LouisIngenthron I'm still doing my research, but I don't think that's a correct characterization. It's an open protocol designed to limit lock-in to any host. Time will tell whether a truly decentralized ecosystem actually emerges.

@acjay Any chance you could hit me up invite code in case you have a spare one that you didn't intend on giving to someone else? I'd like to evaluate the platform and also do some experiments with the protocol. Thanks! :D

@Whizanth I don't have codes yet but if I get some, I'll try to remember to.

@Pat having spent the pod past several days on Bluesky, I like a lot of things about it. Of course, right now, it's pretty exclusive. For one thing, I think AT Protocol might simply be superior to ActivityPub.


It's a fundamental problem with the business model. If a social platform is in it for profit, they're going to feed you what they want you to see not what you want to see. In Mastodon there are no algorithms and you decide what you see. It's better.

@Pat Not sure if you're aware, but Bluesky is built on a federated social media protocol called AT Protocol, which is basically meant to supercede ActivityPub. Now it's true that today, there is only one host in the federation, which is Bluesky, but I'm pretty confident that it will soon look pretty Fediverse-ish.


You did not address my comment. It's a project designed to try to take down Mastodon and put federated social media under plutocratic control. That's what it is designed for.

@Pat It's certainly possible that decentralization in AT Protocol is never realized, in which case, Bluesky would be another centralized service.

But if you can entertain the assumption that AT Protocol opens as planned, I don't understand what you mean. For-profit Fediverse hosts exist already. How would that be any different?


>"How would that be any different?"

Exactly. So why do it, except to undermine the Fediverse, so they can hang on to their monopoly and control the content that is available?

If they really had altruistic motives and wanted a better decentralized social network, why didn't they just set up an ActivityPub instance and contribute to the development of the existing Fediverse instead undermining it?

What is your motivation for promoting Bluesky?

@Pat I would love it if the Fediverse had a better story for identity independent of hosting. I don't think Bluesky is going to succeed if they don't deliver on federation and experience at scale. I don't know whether either network is going to change in the way that I hope.

@Pat Frankly, I do think AT Protocol might have a better shot, simply because they had the chance to learn from ActivityPub and aren't burdened with legacy protocol.

@Pat Also frankly, starting from scratch, Bluesky has been able to start a small-scale community that a certain group of people have found more fun and welcoming than Mastodon. They have the opportunity to try to figure out how to scale that, although that will probably be tougher than the protocol challenges.

@Whizanth @acjay If your still need an invite please let me know. I still have a few ones left 🙂

@eddy @acjay Yes, I still do! You can send it to me in a "Mentioned people only" toot or via e-mail to Thank you!

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