Super early thoughts:

- Onboarding feels super smooth. Selecting the default server feels low stakes.

- Initial feed feels Twitteresque, for better or worse. I don't know how to explain what this means. It's a vibe.

- Took about 5 mins to switch to I LOVE this.

These are weak points with , as I think nearly everyone acknowledges.

@acjay Yeah, but do those features outweigh the weak point of being owned by Dorsey?

@LouisIngenthron @acjay The only thing "owned" by Dorsey is the company creating the protocol (ATProto) and a service running over it (Bluesky). But the protocol itself is as open source as Mastodon's ActivityPub.

@acjay a battered wife returning to her abusive spouse yet again...

@LouisIngenthron I'm still doing my research, but I don't think that's a correct characterization. It's an open protocol designed to limit lock-in to any host. Time will tell whether a truly decentralized ecosystem actually emerges.

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