Just released a new blog post!

It's a pretty quick read on the counterintuitive ways in which I see AI changing the world. In short, look past the impressive demos and simplistic solutionism towards the ways in which technologies might be combined to create entirely new phenomena.



Somehow, I feel like this is set up to make the next step in this nightmare even more harrowing. Nonetheless, it is pretty incredible what this man has done to his own reputation in the past few months.

@bhoggard have you ever heard of LearnedLeague? It's an online trivia league. You'd probably be really good at it. It keeps track of your stats by category, and I do well in most, except for the arts, which I'm horrible at.

I listen to a lot of podcast audio. Every year it blows my mind that I listen to almost a month of audio. It has definitely been one of the defining features of my life for the past several years.

Radiohead is a rare album-oriented band who creates masterpiece songs that aren't even on their albums.

I'm currently marveling over the song The Daily Mail.

It goes from kind of mournful to dripping with venom in the breakdown. I love the composition, the drums, the vocal delivery, and the lyrics. Like so many Radiohead songs, my biggest problem with it is that there isn't enough of it.


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