@Osteopenia_Powers @mekkaokereke I feel ya, but there's a big gap between knowing how to do something and being able to effectively tutor someone through it. Also, poverty looks a lot of different ways. You're absolutely right that some poor people have sharp math skills that they use to survive. But it's also true that others rely on other supports for survival. One of the hardest parts of teaching a high poverty population is that it's impossible to generalize the challenges.

@mekkaokereke one small point from my time teaching public school in Baltimore. My school did not suffer from any lack in teachers caring. In fact, our teachers were far more intensely dedicated than the ones in the high performing suburban public school I went to. The difference was that it was our job to try to correct all the effects of the systematic damage of poverty.

@GeePawHill The Seven Years' War also directly precipitated the French Revolution, which completely reshaped Europe.

@Geoffberner why do you assume it's COVID-related? I haven't seen anything that suggests that. My wife had almost the same experience of near total hearing loss in one ear, since 2017, so definitely pre-COVID.

@alexelcu reports of Scala's death are greatly exaggerated, apparently

I haven't programmed it in a while, but it's still my fave language.

Shit, here it is to everyone not to a thread:

It was the extraordinary James Baldwin who taught me that one could be very angry and very kind AT THE SAME TIME.

Gandhi told me. King told me. But I dint get it, until I saw Baldwin doing it.

Baldwin, doing it. Read James Baldwin, watch the videos of James Baldwin

Get your mind right.

@AvengingFemme I have a mental block around PowerShell. It seems like gibberish to me.

At some point, I just need to go through a "Learn PowerShell the hard way" type tutorial.

@hicksca It's not just an illusion of exclusivity, it's *literally* exclusive. The only way to get on is to know someone with an invite.

I think that has made it a really enjoyable experience. But it's very unclear whether that can scale to an open network, let alone a decentralized one.

I wrote about 2 groundbreaking pancreatic cancer studies this week: #AI identifying high-risk individuals and a vaccine clinical trial published @nature today


It all feels like sour grapes that Bluesky released a not even half finished product and got lots of notoriety. They obviously did something right. Try to figure out what that is, if you want your network to be more appealing

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But I get frustrated when people talk about the same things being possible in ActivityPub that ATProto claims to be designed for. Someone should go ahead and make it, then. Otherwise, it's fine if another person wants to do it the way they feel like.

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What bugs me about these rants is that if he's right, and ATProto is unnecessarily complicated for no good reason, then surely there's nothing to worry about for people who like the ActivityPub ecosystem.
QT: urbanists.social/@sam/11033990

Sam Wight :verified:  
Fucking Christ the @protocol is the most obtuse crock of shit I've ever looked at. It is complex solely for the sake of being complex and still suf...

@atomicpoet @davidgarywood Typically something a lot like the feeds in most commercial social media apps. The right balance of
- stuff from folks I intentionally follow, with some adjustment to balance out differences in how often people post
- stuff I might actually be interested in discovering
- the zeitgeist

I think the strict reverse chronological default Mastodon feed just doesn't do it for me.

@davidgarywood @atomicpoet to be honest, algorithms is a big missing piece of Mastodon for me. I just don't want to be beholden to one billionaire's algorithm.

When you write hashtags that contain multiple words, make the first letter of each word a capital letter, for example #DogsOfMastodon. This will make the tag readable to blind people.

Blind people use the internet through screen reader apps, which read text out aloud. By putting a capital at the start of each word in a hashtag, you are telling the screen reader how to say the tag correctly.

In the non-techy world this is generally known as "CamelCase".

(Techy people may call it PascalCase)

For clarification, folks, this means that Calckey is the first ActivityPub platform (AFAIK) that will let you migrate your entire social graph (followers AND followings) from one ActivityPub instance (whether Mastodon, Calckey, Misskey, or other). You still have to export from one and import to the other, but that's a simple thing (and will probably be automated soon)..

cc @Tchambers @atomicpoet @mmasnick @jeffjarvis @davetroy @scafaria @davidslifka @elipariser @dangillmor

You asked for it, and it’s coming. Quote posts, search, and groups are on their way. In the meantime, check out the new onboarding experience launching today. blog.joinmastodon.org/2023/05/

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