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Probs an unpopular thought, but the For You tab on Twitter brings something useful to the table that Following (simple reverse chronological) doesn't, and Mastodon doesn't have an equivalent.

Sometimes I actually do want to know what's getting interacted with and not just what's most recent or who posted most frequently.

"For people who live near precincts, their most frequent interaction with the police will be observing them breaking the law, forcing them to walk in the street."

#parking #NYPD #newyork

Hello, @nytimes @washingtonpost: When there's a mass shooting, you don't have to quote Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Paul Rand saying that they're praying for the victims. Those quotes add nothing at all to the news

You can simply note that Republican lawmakers offered no new comments or actions in response to [whatever number] mass shooting in the US this year

Next season is Welcome to Wrexham is gonna be so much fun

Ezra Klein is probably my favorite commentator. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the way he digs into topics.

Here, he's got the best take I've heard so far on the AI moment we're in.

[Hard Fork] A.I. Vibe Check With Ezra Klein + Kevin Tries Phone Positivity

This is textbook fascism where problems are being blamed on a marginalized and powerless minority.

As other previously targeted minorities have become politically necessary to appease, right wingers have found a demographic small enough to abuse without election consequence risk

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Donald Trump's criminality unleashed a bitter new phase of American politics.

The Global Entry program is a disaster. The length of time and lack of availability of interviews is absurd.

In all the writing on the mental health crisis, one thing I don't see well represented are the voices of actual teenagers. How do they describe what they're experiencing and what bugs them?

After 4 kids, I've come to believe that kids want to sleep at night, through the whole night. They don't hate their parents and want to wake us up. Our job is to try to understand what's standing in the way of a good night's sleep.

That's the right mindset, but unfortunately, there's no easy way to figure out the answer.

People not from Jersey have this impression that it sucks, and people from Jersey love it.

I think it's bc the points of interest in the state are very diffuse. It doesn't have a stand-out center of cultural gravity for the mind to latch on to.

But what it does have is easy access to damn near everything people like.

Don't hang stuff from your doors, unless you've got heavy duty hinges. And you probably don't.

If you don't heed this advice, you're likely going to have your top hinge start pulling out from the door frame.

Save all your year-end payslips and tax returns forever. And if you want bonus points, year-end statements from all your financial service providers.

BTW, there should be a service that simply does this.

I hope no one here ever has to withdraw money from a Roth IRA. You can withdraw your contributions tax-free, but you'll pay taxes and a 10% penalty on any gains earned. Only problem is, if you have migrated providers over the years, tracking of which money is which is probably lost. Good luck to ya.

“I am VERY concerned about the increasing weight of EVS… The battery alone of a GM Hummer EV weighs 10 pounds less than an entire Honda Civic… That has a SIGNIFICANT impact on safety for all users.” —Jennifer Homendy, NTSB chair. #trbam

If you've ever considered doing a custom architected home build, watch a couple of seasons of Grand Designs and know that it's very likely you'll have a similar experience.

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