U+A66E Cyrillic Letter Multiocular O 在 Unicode 15 由七眼改成了十眼
这个字符是西里尔字母”O”的变体,见于一份《诗篇》手稿中的一句 серафими многоꙮчитїй ,拉丁转写为serafimi mnogoočitii,意为 many-eyed seraphim,多目的炽天使

> MONOCULAR O Ꙩꙩ, BINOCULAR O Ꙫꙫ, DOUBLE MONOCULAR O Ꙭꙭ, and MULTIOCULAR O ꙮ are used in words which are based on the root for ‘eye’. The first is used when the wordform is singular, as ꙩкꙩ; the second and third are used in the root for ‘eye’ when the wordform is dual, as ꙫчи, ꙭчи; and the last in the epithet ‘many-eyed’ as in серафими многоꙮчитїй ‘many-eyed seraphim’. It has no upper-case form.

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