On theoretical neural circuits for counting, and their biological implementation in the brain:

"Our second model uses anti-Hebbian plasticity and only tracks frequencies within four count categories (“1-2-3-many”) ... we show that an implementation of the “1-2-3-many” count sketch exists in the insect mushroom body."

From: "A neural theory for counting memories" by Dasgupta et al. 2022 nature.com/articles/s41467-022

HT @andrew_c_lin

@albertcardona @andrew_c_lin That's by my PhD advisor! Who does ML theory! @djhsu check it out! Sanjoy had another paper on insect mushroom bodies, but when I talked to him about it he said he wasn't super invested, it was more the work of the first author. He can't make that excuse this time!

@kristinmbranson @andrew_c_lin @djhsu Proposing explanations as to how described neural circuits work must be (should be) irresistible. Looking forward to many more works like this.

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