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Hello all!

I'm a Group Leader at HHMI Janelia Research Campus working at the intersections of , , , , , , . I work on using computer vision, machine learning, and technology in general to help us gain insight into biology. My most cited work involves tracking and behavior analysis of flies and mice. I love algorithms and trying to understand how and when they work and what they're good at. But also I'm an engineer and want to solve problems however I can, regardless of elegance!

I like sunshine, being outside, , and . I dream of someday leaving it all behind and moving to Bishop or Yosemite or the Rockies or something.

Lab website:
Publication history:

Some thoughts on Mastodon culture, server rules, diversity and inclusiveness 

I've been enjoying this space, and hope that everyone else can find a place they enjoy. I've been trying to think about how others would experience different corners of Mastodon. How diverse are the people in these corners, in all the meanings of diversity (gender, ethnicity, orientation, nationality, wealth, ability,... )? Does it seem comfortable for me because there are a lot of people like me around? If we make servers that are e.g. only for talking about one particular topic, what kinds of people will we find there? I personally don't just identify with one community, have never in my life found a single community where I feel like an insider. I appreciate that the server I am on allows me to show multiple facets of my personality, but I also appreciate that other people might only want exposure to one facet of random internet people's personalities. Anyways, I don't know what the right answers are, these questions are complicated. But, as we all make new servers with new rules, I hope we can think about who we are implicitly including and excluding with those rules.

My first toot.

I'm eligible to apply for a diversity supplement for my NIH grant ( If you fall into an underrepresented group, are interested in building computational/ML methods for genomics, and are looking for a postdoc next year, get in touch! (note: in computing, women are underrepresented!) Please boost

The ML team at Microsoft Research Montreal is hiring interns for summer 2023! Looking for candidates interested in robust, adaptive, modular ML / language for learning and interaction / Gaming and AI. Also possible to collaborate with the FATE team.

Apply at

Please spread this to your network, we really want to make sure we reach everyone, not just people we already know.

We also have internships in the FATE team: .

Here it goes, #introduction

Hi everyone, I'm a last year undergrad in #neuroscience & #computerscience at McGill. I'm doing #compneuro research in the Baillet Lab at The Neuro (MNI), focusing on whole-brain dynamical models of coupled neural masses calibrated to #MEG #neuroimaging data (details @ if anyone is curious).

I am also the VP of the #ML committee at PharmaHacks, a hackathon that blends #biology & #datascience with a focus on #pharma.
@neuroscience #neurodon

Hi to everyone who does not know me yet 👋 😃

I help researchers implementing #OpenScience and reproducible #DataScience 🤓

If you are a researcher (in academia or industry), my newsletter is for you:

#introduction post! My name is Sonia Roberts (she/her) and I'm a postdoc at Northeastern developing #knit sensors for #soft, fully knitted #robots. My PhD work was on #legged robots running around in the desert (ever gone for a beach run?). I use my robots to test ideas about #affordances and #DirectPerception. I have also done some #SciencePolicy and #TechnologyPolicy #policy work around algorithmic transparency and regulating the use of mobile sentries by law enforcement.

The Scientific Computing Associates (SCA) program at has two openings:
. Machine Learning Software Engineer with Software
. Automating Cognitive Research with the Johnson Lab

This program is a great chance for people with backgrounds in computer science to explore applications in biological research, and for people with backgrounds in other sciences to expand their experience with software development.

Janelia welcomes and values diversity, and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds, including people of color and members of groups traditionally underrepresented in science.

#introduction Hi! I'm a research group leader in cognitive computational neuroscience.

I'm broadly interested in human vision, work a lot on face perception, and I'm excited by the opportunities artificial neural networks offer us to make progress in the field.

I'd also like to see a greener world and academia being more family friendly.

Looking forward to some fun exchange with the science community!

Hi folks,
A brief #introduction:
I took the disruption of the pandemic to return to my undergrad degree at #UofT after a 20-year hiatus (poor mental health). I am currently studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a strong interest in sexual selection and behavioural ecology,
I've been keeping neotropical cichlids for ~30 years and have a whole lot of questions about them that I'm SO eager to explore!

📢The FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparenfy and Ethics in AI) group at Microsoft Research Montreal is hiring interns for 2023! Looking for candidates with broad FATE interests including responsible NLP/NLG, human-centered AI, AI transparency and explainability, and future of work. Apply here:

To #BIPOC / #POC users of Mastodon (others can boost):

What do you make of CW culture and norms on here?

The people I see being most vocal about it are 99.99% White people which feels like a red flag

Hi all! My #introduction:

I'm a computational ecologist interested in disease dynamics (#DisEcol!), zoonotic spillover, spatiotemporal processes and the intersection of mechanistic models, Bayes + ML. I work at EcoHealth Alliance, an NGO focused on the links between conservation + health.

I do a fair bit of #rstats and lead a project at @ropensci facilitating peer-review of scientific software.

I'm Brooklyn-based, and will sometimes toot about local #NYC politics, #cycling and #bikepacking.

Racism on Mastodon 

Whats our plan for racists on the fediverse? I was just excited by seeing #BlackMastodon yesterday and today I see people I was happy to see on here have already faced harassment.

Possibly unreasonably hopeful election talk 

While we're all very divided in the US right now, I wanted to say that my experience from 6-8am at Potomac Falls High School polling location was that everyone was very kind to each other. They seemed happy to be there to try to do what they thought would make the country better, and were appreciative that their neighbors were doing the same. Sorry for being saccharine, but participating in our elections always makes me a bit hopeful, and I wanted to share my hope.

More plotting of flies! I call this one "Fruit fly snow angel"

Reminder for those in the US to vote today!
You can look up your polling location and sample ballot here: .
20 states + DC allow you to register and vote at the same time:
Bonus! You get a sticker. My county has stickers with a cow and grapes and Dulles airport and an artichoke (I think??)!
Don't forget to bring your iD!

Here is what the plot looks like if I don't filter out when the flies are doing weird things with their heads. It was harder for me to understand, but maybe more aesthetically pleasing?

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What important thing am I working on today? Trying to figure out a good way to parameterize fly head turning from our tracked data. Here's a plot I made while trying to visualize this. It's not really worth explaining what it is, I just thought it had some nice colors 😀

Hey everyone !

Time for my #science #introduction

I am the PI of the @cellcommlab @ the UKE in Hamburg, Germany. We use #microscopy & #imageanalysis to study how cells move & communicate.

I am from #Chile, where I did my #PhD at PUC, then moved to Paris to work at the Institut Curie and IPGG.

After quite some years in #science (20 since I started my BSc !) I keep my fascination to observe how cells do things, like these migrating leukocytes.

#scicomm #sciencemastodon #nomoa

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