Have you visited the website yet? Both for helping proofread and analyze the whole brain , or simply to admire the beautiful renderings of neuronal arbors: join.flywire.ai

(See also the for -driven navigation of the fly brain, and access to images of genetic driver lines, and more: v2.virtualflybrain.org/org.gep )

Wish I had time or resources to create such a beautiful landing page for the larval central nervous system. The of the whole larval brain is coming soon. For now, see the images and some ~3,000 published neurons in this server: l1em.catmaid.virtualflybrain.o)

@albertcardona I would love to spend some time there and find clock neurons : )

(if it hasn't been done already)

@mariafernandez Only one way to find out: contact the join.flywire.ai team or directly ask Mala Murthy or over email.

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