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We're hiring!
2 permanent lectureships at Nottingham University, in the School of Psychology

All areas of Psychology considered,
including cognitive and computational neuroscience.


WOWWWWWWW! Northern Ireland has its first astronaut....and she's an astronomer! Huge congratulations Rosemary 👏👏 👏

(FYI: I've seen a lot of people describe her as "another British astronaut". But unless she identifies as such, Rosemary is *not* British. The UK's full title is the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland. Rosemary is from NI 👍 So "UK astronaut" is correct)

I wrote an editorial about the #AntimicrobialResistance crisis. It covers the need for a #Global #Equitable approach, #resistance in neglected #fungi & #parasites, the promise of new #antibiotics, sharing of #sequence data, idiotic policies that risk antibiotic stewardship & more

Please share it far and wide - this #WorldAntimicrobialAwarenessWeek we've not been as loud as others, or as loud as we need to

The antimicrobial resistance crisis needs action now

In our recent paper, we found 3 new trypanosome species in #squash #bees. I am looking for collaborators to work on describing these new species. Any suggestions on who to contact would be greatly appreciated!

We have positions, lots of opportunities: computation, behavior, fMRI, electrophysiology, microscopy and often a mix of approaches -- all about arm/hand motor control and motor learning. Plus you help make the reading list! Please share.

It's live! I'm hiring a technician to process and analyze thousands of stickleback gut microbiomes.

TO APPLY: check, Staff Positions, Search #496991 to upload a resume, cover letter, and contact information for three (3) professional references.

Full information about the position here:

Exciting new preprint from the @DrAnneCarpenter / Shantanu Singh ( lab and mine! Hop into the 🧵to learn a bit more about "Interpreting Image-based Profiles using Morpheus and Single-Cell Visualization", or check it out here!


"In retrospect, maybe Twitter will appear as the last gasp, admittedly hybrid and possibly monstrous, of the old print culture in the new digital age. And I suspect this accounts for many of the derangements and absurdities that characterize the platform."

Very nice essay on social media by @lmsacasas


Tomorrow I will be striking in pursuit of fairer pensions and to protest inequality, excessive workloads and casualisation for my UCU colleagues

Also tomorrow, my children’s school teachers will be striking in pursuit of a fair and just pay settlement

So, plans are afoot for a day of wee teach-outs

- Home Economics: bake cookies for the picket line

- Politics tutorial: what’s a picket line?

Music & history lessons: protest songs through the decades. Suggestions welcome.


Awareness post: there is an instance on fedi called '' where you can only post 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' my experience ...

Billions of bees and butterflies are killed on North American roads every year:

#insects #conservation

Replace these “wireless telegraphs” with smartphones, update the dress a little, and this vision of "isolating technology" from a 1906 issue of Punch magazine could easily be from today: #history #technology #illustration #histodon

Hi #ScienceMastodon, time for an #introduction!

I'm an #EvoDevo biologist interested in how tissue #mechanics influences the #evolution of #morphogenesis. I study a deep and mysterious epithelial invagination that forms at the head-trunk boundary of #flies during #gastrulation, known as the #CephalicFurrow (see video below!). Currently, based in Germany as a postdoc in the Tomancak Lab at MPI-CBG. Looking forward to meeting you!

#DevBio #mechanobiology #microscopy #lightsheet #embryos

I am neuroscientist and engineer. Our lab at Johns Hopkins University BME is interested in how the brain computes information about the world and how this representation is shaped by sensory experience from early development up until old age. We focus on the auditory system and use in vitro and in vivo optical and electrophysiological methods, behavioral approaches, etc.


4 yr PhD in Manchester, UK: The evolution of nerves: understanding the roots of neurodegeneration

TRAINING in evol. biol., biochem., expansion or electron microsc., cell culture, #Drosophila genetics, #scicomm

SUPERVISION: Prokop/Allan/Ronshaugen


Hi #MedMastodon! 👋

#Introduction: I'm an #Endocrinologist at #Stanford, specializing in #Osteoporosis and #MetabolicBoneDisease. My lab studies #StemCells in bone 🦴 and the bone marrow microenvironment.

Some of my favorite topics: #WomenInMedicine #WomenInSTEM #PhysicianScientists #AAPI

Particularly relevant to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, women shoulder a disproportionate share of domestic tasks at home. Among K08/K23 recipients, women spend 8.5 hours more per week on domestic activities 6/n

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Every year, up to 4 billion hoverflies (80 tons in biomass!) migrate from Britain to Europe, providing important pest control by consuming 3–10 trillion aphids, as well as long-range pollen transfer. #Biodiversity

Exciting 4 yr BBSRC DTP PhD opportunity: investigating the links between cytoskeletal & mitochondrial homeostasis during ageing. A multidiscipl. collab. of 2 experienced groups: Sanchez-Soriano (Liverpool) & Korolchuk (Newcastle). DEADLINE: Mon, 9 Jan '23

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