@callieconnected @albertcardona. Noise is complex. A system’s robustness to noise can be improved in different ways, for example by minimizing variability or increasing signal size and separability.

We think the network we mapped is able to do this because neurons sample more redundantly than expected from specific inputs. Those inputs may be less noisy or convey more relevant information. This is interesting because prevailing models assume random, non-specific sampling, which is thought to optimize the amount of information a network can encode.

If interested, this review may be useful: cell.com/neuron/fulltext/S0896

The offers fully funded PhD studentships. Come join us!

Deadline: December 1st, 2022 (six days left).

Have a look at the projects listed for the Neurobiology Division (where Marta Zlatic, Greg Jefferis, Bill Schafer, Marco Tripodi, and many others, including myself).

List of projects: www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/student

How to apply: www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/student

Great paper: a droplet assay to encapsulate single micron-sized algae to study long-term .
by Bentley et al. gielenlab.com and @micromotility
A thread.

@adamcc Lots to unpack from the abstract and introduction. Looking forward to readying it slowly.

@flypapers “retro-Tango, a method for transsynaptic, retrograde circuit tracing and manipulation in . In this genetically encoded system, a ligand-receptor interaction at the synapse triggers an intracellular signaling cascade that results in reporter gene expression in presynaptic neurons… benchmark it by comparing our findings with the electron microscopy reconstruction of the Drosophila hemibrain”

Hi all,

I'm a postdoc in #computerscience at the University of #Vienna, working in #algorithms.

I am interested in the design, analysis, and experimental evaluation of algorithms and especially in #AlgorithmEngineering , which means that I am studying how algorithms perform in practice and how to make them better and/or faster in real-world scenarios. I particularly like dynamic algorithms, which can also deal with changes in the data and don't have to recompute from scratch.


Hi all! I’m a neuroscientist and cerebellum enthusiast doing a postdoc at Western University, CAN. I did my PhD in Oxford, UK on neurotransmitter changes in the cerebellum and postdoc-ed in Cambridge.

I want to find out what the cerebellum contributes to cognition and how it interacts with the cortex. For that, I use imaging (fMRI, MRS) & computational techniques (NLP, ML) & brain stim (tDCS).

Follow me for a dose of cerebellum news and science memes!
#cerebellum #neuroscience #introduction

Some very cool science from
Scott Hensley's lab published today in Science points a way to a potential universal #flu vaccine. If this works in people, this could prime us against all known flu hemagglutinins, dramatically lowering the risks flu pandemics pose. statnews.com/2022/11/24/experi

I’m a bit late to the game, but now out, in a more final form: nature.com/articles/s41586-022

Tri Nguyen, @lathomas42, and our team found neurons sample inputs redundantly and selectively in ways that may help make the network more robust with a minimal loss of encoding capacity.

@albertcardona Thank you for so kindly describing Tri Nguyen’s and @lathomas42’s paper. Indeed, Purkinje cells are amongst the most “elegant and luxurious” extracted out of our EM data.

Folks can see more for themselves here: github.com/htem/cb2_project_an

📢Latin Americans doing a PhD in Computer Science📢

Apply by Jan 11, 2023 for a Google PhD fellowship:
$15K in funding and mentorship from a Google researcher!

👇🏾👇🏾Read more below 👇🏾👇🏾

One of the two first authors, Logan Thomas @lathomas42 is on mastodon, as is the senior author Wei Lee @darbly. Welcome! And what a spectacular paper on . Those must be the prettiest Purkinje cell renderings since the century-old famous ones from Cajal. This time with synapses though!

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@pierre_le_merre @PessoaBrain @dickretired Thanks for your comment. I am having a hard time understanding the last sentence: did you mean “they are” rather than “they are not”?

@Javier_DN En Barcelona le ofrecieron a un primera figura mundial, español emigrado como tantos, que trabaja en los EEUU, un presupuesto garantizado para ... un año. No vino. Eso no es serio.

@JohnCarlson Metallic green color, large ovipositor, beautiful wasp. Your nice has good taste and a good eye too to spot these teeny tiny creatures.

@christakou @dickretired @PessoaBrain To understand neural circuit function one needs synaptic-level circuits. The meso-circuits defined by inferred connectivity between areas on the basis of correlated activity or at best tractography, are, presumably, an intermediate level of resolution in mammals, particularly humans, because brain-wide synapse-level wiring diagrams are presently beyond reach.


👋 Hello from #Zurich!

I'm a researcher working at the intersection of #neurosciene and #ai. Before joining Google's #connectomics team earlier this year, I did my PhD advised by @jakhmack on simulation-based Inference (#sbi).

Excited to see Mastodon gaining momentum!

@brembs @HeedLab @bohaceklab @eLife @richardsever I tend to agree that the incentives are in the wrong place. Public funders should incentivize behaviors that support scientific advance rather than the careers of individual scientists (as in, CNS publications). Open Science is non-trivial in cost and effort and until it is supported and valued for funding/hiring decisions, it will be hard to have systemic change

@dickretired @PessoaBrain My approach to brain areas is a practical one: can one define a set of neurons whose synapses are exclusively within the area, a second set that projects into it (inputs) and a third set that projects out (outputs)? If so there’s grounds for an area, or module, because it can be abstracted to the transformation function that it implements. In practice extremely few fly brain regions are like this; mostly just first-order sensory neuropils.

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