This morning I'll be presenting our work examining the associations of cholinergic integrity and age, cognition, cortical volumes and amyloid in healthy postmenopausal women at poster P56 at

Hi all,

Our research group “Circuit Mechanisms of Behavior” at the University Hospital Bonn (lab Tobias Rose) invites applications for a full-time (38.5 hours/week) position as: Postdoctoral Researcher (m/f/d):

Detailed description here:

Closing date: 31st of August 2023
Start date: flexible
Contact: Tobias Rose,

The selected candidate will investigate the "Encoding of Landmark Stability and Stability of Landmark Encoding”:

You will study visual landmark encoding at the intersection of hippocampal, thalamic, and cortical inputs to retrosplenial cortex. You will use cutting-edge miniature two-photon Ca2+ imaging (, enabling you to longitudinally record activity in defined, large neuronal populations and long-range afferents in freely moving animals.

You will carry out rigorous neuronal and behavioral analyses within the confines of automatized closed-loop tasks tailored for visual navigation. This will involve the application of advanced tools for dense behavioral quantification, including multi-angle videography, inertial motion sensing, and egocentric recording with head-mounted cameras for the reconstruction of retinal input.

Our aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the immediate and sustained multi-area neuronal representation of visual landmarks during unrestricted behavior. We aim to elucidate the mechanisms through which stable visual landmarks are encoded and the processes by which these representations are stabilized to facilitate robust allocentric navigation.

Ideal candidates for this position should hold a doctorate in neuroscience, engineering, physics, or a related discipline, and should be deeply committed to rigorous neuroethology and technical development. We seek individuals with a "tinkering spirit", i.e., a strong penchant for problem-solving and creativity. Essential competencies include the demonstrated ability to design and carry out complex neuroscience experiments, robust programming capabilities, and a foundational knowledge of machine learning methodologies. Valuable experience would include a familiarity with rodent behavior, both in freely moving and head-fixed contexts. Although not mandatory, a background in visual neuroscience or navigation neuroscience would be viewed favorably.

We are looking for a driven candidate with a solid record of accomplishment who is enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research. The successful candidate will be prepared to bring their skills and experience to our innovative and collaborative research environment.

While this role is tailored towards a specific project, we are equally enthusiastic about supporting the development of your individual research pursuits.

Applicants should send their application in a single pdf file, including a cover letter explaining your research interests and motivation for joining the team, CV, and contact information for two references. Applications will be shortlisted based on the above selection criteria. Please send your formal application to Prof. Tobias Rose via email until 31.08.2023. The Expected start date is September 2023 or at the earliest possible date thereafter. Informal enquires about the post are welcome. For more information on our research, please visit (mastodon: @trose_neuro, twitter: @trose_neuro).

Meanwhile, in the rest of the Western world:

ABC exiting Twitter: Australia’s national broadcaster shuts down almost all accounts on Elon Musk’s X

“We also found that closing individual program accounts helps limit the exposure of team members to the toxic interactions that unfortunately are becoming more prevalent on X,”

#ABC exiting #Exitter , #Musk's #Twitter

The Venkatesh Lab is hiring! We are looking for an electrophysiologist who has experience with in vivo or in slice imaging, 2-photon calcium imaging, fiber photometry, & survival surgery in rodents. #neuroscience #cancerneuroscience #hiring

Our lab group is hiring multiple full-time post-bacc research assistants: please pass on to anyone who might be interested!

Is academia facing a massive burnout crisis?

Academics are increasingly "reevaluating whether their jobs are worth the high cost to their personal well-being. They are less willing to continue in positions with oversized workloads, salaries that do not keep up with inflation, and inflexible policies."

48% of universities report that faculty turnover is increasing and >70% of academics reported mental health difficulties in 2021.

@academicchatter #AcademicChatter

Hello #Mastodon, if you know a Black woman student (HS/College/Grad School) or early career, I am going need you to lend me your ears.

The Sadie Collective, a nonprofit for Black women in quant and social science fields, is hosting their first in-person conference since #COVID from February 16 - 19, 2023.

Sponsor a student you know to go:

Please share widely!

#econtwitter #economics #sociology #science #academia #academic #BlackMastodon #Blacktwitter

We are looking for an Experienced #MATLAB Software Developer to work on the #hMRI Toolbox ( with us at MPI-CBS in Leipzig ( and international team inc. @LukeJoelEdwards @MR_Siawoosh and others not on #mastodon.

Great opportunity if you are interested in #OpenScience #OpenSource #software development in #neuroimaging / #neuroscience / #MRI.;
Job number: SD 33/22;
closing 15th Jan. 2023

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Statistician needed to pilot a scheme to change the future of academia. Feb-July £22k part time to check reproducibility of results from provided data for to-be-submitted papers in psychology at University of Sussex. contact:

Final reminder-deadline in just a few days. There is still time to take the leap and apply to join our great neuro-community.

The Einstein Center for Neurosciences (ECN) in Berlin is now recruiting students for its PhD program! Students currently enrolled in a MSc program and expecting to graduate before October 2023 are encouraged to apply.

Our application portal is open now:

Closing date January 15th 2023
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#neuroscience #berlin #PhD

Warm welcome (and happy new year) to our very own Lynn Nadel, now on Mastodon!! 🥳

(Yes, this Nadel ⤵️)

#Hippocampus #CognitiveMap

Thought I’d write a quick #introduction! I'm a Professor at the University of Toronto where my lab studies the neural and cognitive mechanisms supporting memory and perception.

Recently, we’ve launched a line of research that seeks to translate core principles from memory science into tangible solutions to mitigate memory loss. You can read about our first attempt here:

Very happy to be part of the #NeuroscienceMigration and to connect with you here!

3-year PhD-position in my lab at CIMH in Mannheim/Germany!

You want to work in Human Neuroscience?

You are interested in the relationship between sleep and memory processes?

You like the idea of open and reproducible science?

Then apply here:

#Job #PhD #OpenScience #Psychology #CognitiveNeuroscience #HumanNeuroscience #Neuroscience

RT @clairegillanTCD
The lab is hiring a 3 year for a new project aiming to use HUGE language datasets from digital therapy to (i) understand fundamentals of depression and its temporal dynamics and (ii) use these data to measure and predict responsiveness to therapy.

My political science dept is HIRING a full-time tenure-track assistant prof in a uni-wide cluster focused on #AI. If your work engages automated decision-making, AI, governance, public services, policy, social justice etc., we'd love to see an application.

@DAIR @SSRC_mtp #AIEthics #labor #TechnoPolitics #STS #SurveillanceState #tech #HumanRights @ethanz

🚨 🧠 🚨
The Penn Neuroscience Public Lecture committee is excited to announce our fall public lecture: NeuroSciFi. Join us on Thursday, December 8th from 6-8p for a fun evening of TED-style neuroscience talks as three Philadelphia-based neuroscientists talk about some things the brain does that are so amazing you might think it's science fiction.

For those of you in Philadelphia, please join us in person! For those who can’t be in Philadelphia or are more comfortable online, we will be live-streaming the event on Crowdcast. Register at the link below to get the link or put your name on the list to attend in-person.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Today I'll be co-chairing a zoom panel discussion with Fiona Zisch today (6-8pm UK time) on 'Architecture and Mind'. A first launch event between UCL and the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (USA).
We will be discussing research in neuroscience on spatial coding and the challenges in architecture of designing successful buildings and cities.
All welcome to attend (free) and listen / ask questions.

The Cornell Psychology Dept is hiring 2 tenure-track positions (both open rank) in Affective Science and Aging/Adult Development. Please boost. Links below:

Affective Science Research:

Aging/Adult Development:

We at the Complex Data Hub at the University of Melbourne are hiring!

Assistant/Associate Professor in computational or mathematical psychology, cognitive science, and/or social networks/science

All details at the link below. Applications close Feb 2. Come work with us! Melbourne is amazing and so are we, I promise 😊

Results from our recent pilot study of the effects of transdermal nicotine on emotion processing in non-smoking schizophrenia patients is out now in Schizophrenia Research.

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