This guy thinks he's so smart that nobody will be able to solve his puzzle. I have neither the time nor the skill, but I bet one of you does. (please boost)

@requiem Nope it's not me. I'd just like to see somebody solve it, but I don't have the skill with puzzles.

@ambulocetus I've been working on it between classes, I'll let you know when I've got something coherent!

So far: Noticed braille flash on the screen, went frame by frame to transcribe it, but need to translate it (hard to tell if letters or numbers were intended, trial and error), also need to transcribe the number/letter code towards the end of the video.

Update for the code, in the process of solving: 

@ambulocetus So what I can tell so far - again, primarily working on the braille at this time - is that it seems to link to a URL. There's two slashes and a .co, and the second line of braille is a file extension. Braille made this kind of tricky because, again, it can be hard to distinguish from symbols alone whether something stands for a letter or a number, but braille has an answer to this: There are symbols that indicate whether the following symbol is a letter or a number.

It *seems* like the person who wrote this tried to use those, especially in the last line - I'll attach my chickenscratch MS Paint just for the hell of it - but it comes down to a matter of "can I trust that this person actually has a full understanding of Braille as a language" - and being that they flashed braille letters (used for blind/partially sighted people) one letter per frame, that kind of indicates "maybe not?"

So I did some trial and error, came up with this url: so it actually leads somewhere, and that's nice. The colors are slightly eye searing so I'm having trouble looking at it long enough to parse it, but hey, image get.

Now, the numbers and letters at the end seem to be encrypted via Enigma Machine, maybe? I've tried to decode it other ways but no dice. Problem is that I don't yet know what settings need to be on the enigma machine for it to decode the right way. Have to imagine those settings can be learned from the bush image.

Update for the code, in the process of solving: 

@requiem I knew you would get farther than I did. I didn't even notice the Braille.
This is the video where he announced his challenge. I don't think there's any clues there, but it might have an insight or something.

Code spoilers: 

@ambulocetus Oh, I see, that's interesting! They seem really excited about this, it's good to see.

Since I sent that update, I've done a little more with the help of friends. The image of bushes turned out to be a link in binary, to another youtube video, which had morse code on the audio and a QR code on the video. The QR code led to an image of symbols and numbers on a 5x5 grid, and the morse code is a weird string of numbers/letters we're not really sure what to do with yet. The alphanumeric code on the back of the paper that the channel owner reads out loud turned out to be hexadecimal bytes, which translated to another youtube video, where there's a video track of a "snaking" string of letters in alternating red and green, and a five minute long voiceover of a computer voice reading out letters.

I was, at first, really frustrated by the length of the video, but now that I know it's a fan of a youtube channel specifically devoted to codes and other "rogueish" things, that makes significantly more sense. They probably wanted to make it tedious on purpose to waste more time.

Here are the other two videos we uncovered, if you're curious:

Truthfully not sure if I'll do more, transcribing from the five minute video is extremely tedious, but it was really fun to go through this much. Thanks for sharing!

Code spoilers: 

@requiem Wow, I knew it would be tricky, but that's crazy. I noticed the videos you found have 20 or so views, so there are others working on this too. You got way farther than I ever could. Thanks.

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