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To employees, contractors, and freelancers of Mass Media: Until you are no longer afraid to call somebody who lies a Liar, until you stop spinning election polls to make a landslide look like a horse-race, until you stop saying settled Science like evolution or climate change is controversial, and until you stop saying the phrase "both sides" in any context, until then you don't get call yourselves journalists anymore, and you are not welcome on Mastodon as far as I'm concerned.

I went to the School House Rock video for pronouns, and this was in comments. These people are hilarious. I wish they could hear themselves.

Self checkout should include an employee discount.
-itsDANdeeMAN, Jun 2014

Fox has gone "woke". I guess the Far-Right wackos will have to shoot their televisions now. So sad.

PirateBay has the best CyberMonday and BlackFriday deals on video and gaming.
-Conorstevey, Dec 2014

Arthropod Photo of the Week: May 31, 2023
Weaver ants
Oecophylla smaragdina
Hymenoptera: Formicidae
By P. Karunakaran
Trivandrum, India
#entomology #insects #ants

hearing that someone's writing an ads plugin for Mastodon

and I gotta say

any instance that runs that, I will defederate immediately.

Calling bigotry an "opinion" is like calling arsenic a "flavor".

ACAB. Never ever forget that. Cops exist to suppress you and protect the bosses. Always have, always will.

It’s better to be woke than a greedy selfish racist sexist bigoted homophobic antisemitic regressive ignorant piece of $hit.

I'm re-reading piles of books. 83 of my fave childhood books are banned nationwide.

If you need a digital copy of a banned book, PM me. I will send you a copy.

I have a lifetime membership to the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Most Out of Print and Banned books are PDF form but can easily be converted for ereaders. Banning books is a form of bullying and you'll never get me to believe otherwise. Save digital copies to thumbdrives, phone memory, tablet memory, SDcards, flash drives. AND SHARE THEM.

To not be able to read a book because it upsets 2% of the world is a Travesty. Knowledge should never be withheld. ~ Lolly Inkpen

#bannedbooks #share #knowledge #freedombooks #savethebooks

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