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To employees, contractors, and freelancers of Mass Media: Until you are no longer afraid to call somebody who lies a Liar, until you stop spinning election polls to make a landslide look like a horse-race, until you stop saying settled Science like evolution or climate change is controversial, and until you stop saying the phrase "both sides" in any context, until then you don't get call yourselves journalists anymore, and you are not welcome on Mastodon as far as I'm concerned.

A knowing smile doesn't actually require knowledge, only a mouth.

Creators, more than anyone, need to speak out against this false ‘us vs. them' narrative. It's a disingenuous ploy, like when Facebook said cross-app tracking was ‘good for small businesses’.

I encourage anyone to adblock my stuff, and I know I'm not alone in that. Every creator has a part to play in promoting better security practices and fairer business models.

I made this image to put into the credits of future videos. I release it into the public domain; feel free to use it in your own.

Do me a personal favor: Go into the bathroom, lock the door, look in the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say,

"I care about Black people. Their safety and freedom is important to me. They are just as human as I am. I would be comfortable working with, working for, living with, and having personal and intimate relationships with them, and I would be outraged to see innocent Black people be subject to unjust and violent treatment."

If you have any trouble saying that to yourself, in private, with nobody watching you, then you need to ask yourself why you can't say that, but you can keep saying /#alllivesmatter.

If you think we can do better, if you think we can do better together, please share this.

And you don’t have to share my post. Share its spirit. Ask, Which lives matter? Talk to the people in your life about it, ask tough questions, be thoughtful, be civil, and have debate. We must come together, because we are falling apart.



Listen up, MEDIA:

They’re not “mass shooters with Nazi tattoos & Nazi paraphernalia at home.”

They’re Nazis. Say it. He. Is. A. Nazi.

This Walmart is 45 min from me. So, too fucking close to home.

#Nazi #fascism #ohio #massshooting

"For all of us, becoming indigenous to a place means living as if your children's future mattered, to take care of the land as if our lives, both material and spiritual, depended on it."

Robin Wall Kimmerer

#RegenerativeAgriculture #RegenerativeCulture

Republicans: Our candidate is a loathsome monster who will destroy the fabric of society but we must vote for him because the alternative terrifies us.
Democrats: Our candidate is a decent guy but he's only giving us maybe 65% of what we want so lets vote third party.

"You received without payment, now give without payment."
Jesus, Matthew 10:8

"The Point is you can't be too greedy"
Trump, "The Art of the Deal"

One day, years from now, we'll all watch Donald Trump's funeral.
Because you KNOW Melania will bring a date.
(Pls watch & subscribe if you're into Tik Tok)

The Conservative 6-3 majority of SCOTUS is:

-2 Justices named by W, who lost the popular vote of the American ppl
-3 named by Trump, who lost the popular vote of the American ppl
-1 by HW Bush, who opposed the 64 Civl Rights Act

Americans don't decide who decides our laws.

The Police tried to arrest me for downloading the entire Wikipedia database!

I said, “but wait! I can explain everything !”


For Black Friday instead of fighting over a new TV why not support independent, investigative technology journalism. 404 Media is offering 25% off today only:
- extra podcast content
- behind scenes articles
- FOIA live stream
- directly support our work

I once got pepper sprayed while Black Friday shopping in a Walmart and I can honestly say it enhanced the experience.

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