Assuming that the claim Trump's attorneys are making (that Trump actually won more than 70 million votes and got over 400 electoral votes based on the data from the server they got in germany) are true, that would be an absolutely incredible scandal.

They definitely need an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove it though (and for the supreme court to take up the case for constitutional reasons). Supposedly they have that evidence because Trump definitely hasn't given up yet, despite a few courts denying to hear the case.

If the supreme court takes up the case to investigate, then it's highly likely that they do actually have that evidence.

Just have to wait and see what happens.

Looking forward to recounts.

Getting tired of seeing Biden celebrated when there are hundreds of thousands of votes that need to be recounted in each state.



Man... backdating mail-ins, throwing away spoiled ballots, machines miscounting thousands of votes...

Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Google all censoring and suppressing anything favorable toward Trump or condemning any democrats.

The online masses collectively branding anyone right of center as racists, homophobes, tyrants, and liars.

Academia, Hollywood, MSM...

It's just a complete takeover.

How did we let this happen?

Like, half of the reason I'm here is because I want to see all of the views from all sides. It's impossible anywhere else, where only left leaning views are allowed.

I have to go to podcasts and independent news sites for all my news because everything else is either just speculation or entirely left leaning.

Anyone in academia who advocates for traditional conservative values like those that the constitution was founded on are mocked, ridiculed, shunned, and never let back into the exclusive club that is academia.

We're almost reaching 1984 levels of deception and control, but nobody is aware of it because they are either protected in their little bubbled from it, or they're the ones that get banned and deplatformed, never to be heard from again, dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists.

And now we've got dems like AOC openly advocating keeping a list of evidence of everyone that ever supported Trump in any way so that it can be used against them in the future.

The mask is already off of these people, and yet everyone just goes "Yeah, that's fine. Not a tyrannical concept at all. It's the republicans who are the real tyrants".

If after the recounts, Biden is still the winner, he's not going to last more than a few weeks at best until they shuffle him out of office and replace him with Kamala, who is from the extreme left.

They'll shout "It's a victory for women everywhere! The glass ceiling is shattered!" while they work to ban guns, implement universal healthcare, raise taxes to astronomical levels, force the public education system on everyone, and more.

It will be calm, it will be slow, it will be "for everyone's good", and it will destroy us in the end.

But everything will look perfectly fine to the average person up to the moment it does.


Luckily, we've got time. We can still push back.

Demand recounts by hand, create and encourage the use of alternative social media (like this!) and search engines, create new news sources (like The Blaze, The Daily Wire, and more), invade the academic space and the entertainment spaces with our own high quality alternatives, and just generally live braver about our views in our day to day lives.

Certainly it will be a virtual balkanization, but it will still allow people to be themselves and speak openly.

The only difficulty is getting the word out.

With all of the current main sources of information controlled by hostile forces, we need to find another way. Simply asking who John Galt is isn't going to get enough people fast enough.

So that's the big question now.

How do we let people know that they don't have to constantly hide and be afraid? Let them know that there are other places that they can hang out with the other 70 million people who are on their side?

Once that's done, how do we convince them to leave the old corrupting system behind?

How do we make it worth it?

And how do we do so quickly?

I'm going to bed but I'm going to make a prediction first.

My prediction:

PRESIDENT: Trump with 277 or 273 (PA and MI can trade out, but I think he'll win one of them. If he loses both though, which I find unlikely, Biden wins.)

SENATE: R, but barely

HOUSE: R by a lot.

I could be wrong though. There are a lot of games being played with the numbers right now so it's difficult to get reliable information from anywhere.

One thing is true regardless though: The polls were once again, COMPLETELY wrong.

I'm never trusting polls again.

Also, Jo Jorgensen taking over 1% of the vote (1.5 million votes so far) as a third party is spectacular. Huge kudos to her! More third parties please!

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