@aminewatcher Welcome to the fediverse. Do you write fiction or nonfiction?


My non-fiction is usually just rants about my nerdy interests to some degree. Some of them are large enough they could probably be published as books. :P

As for my fiction, I've finished a few short stories, and actually taught creative writing for a short while, but I haven't writing any fiction for some time, mostly because I'm still planning the worlds and characters for one particular piece of fiction.

I've always wanted to try nanowrimo, but I always end up way too busy in november for one reason or another. 1,700 words a day is a surprisingly high bar when I'm so picky about how I word things, in fiction.

In non-fiction, I can just pump out fact after fact and only worry about being understood. But in fiction, I always get incredibly caught up in polishing the pacing and the dialogue, and it takes me 3 hours just to write 1,000 words.

And I've rambled out way too long an answer for such a short question. Sorry :P

@aminewatcher i wanna learn coding. Which language you recommend ?

There are a lot of things that it depends on, but I would actually recommend starting with something like Python or Javascript in order to learn basic principles in a semi-safe environment.

Beyond that, it depends on the platform and purpose you want to code for.

As far as tutorials go, I always recommend w3schools.com

@aminewatcher thank you kind sir! I've been learning some css and html now. Hoping that at least i could understand the basic.

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