I feel nothing but relief that I am not submitting to . The post explains why I opted out in 2021.


@amytabb While scientific/engineering societies and publishers do provide a service, as you point out, publicly funded research (which is often the case) should be put out into the public domain reasonably quickly.

I am also starting to wonder about the value of these mega-conferences with multiple tracks and thousands of people. Apart from being expensive, it is hard to establish new contacts. I am beginning to think that more local is better (aside the environmental footprint).


Yes! I had some hope that during the pandemic, regional watch & presentation parties would form, and there would be ongoing support for hybrid conferences. That hasn't happened, sadly, and there are few regional meetings or workshops (I know of one computer vision one in the USA midwest).

@amytabb You could use that as a base to build on. Learn from the early experiences and then try to expand to more institutions/departments?


@fjlm44 Organizing such events is a good idea; unfortunately I am not a good person to do so as I am maxed out with health issues and pandemic-ing at the moment. And I can't travel anyway! (b/c of the pandemic, and health issues)

You may not have to organise it. If you can find a few others who feel the same way, it may take off. Often it is a matter of finding others who have a similar idea to come and work together.

As for travel, the way to get them started is start with events where people can get there by car or public transport (bus, trains - I know, the US is lacking in it). In my undergrad, I organised intra and inter-departmental activities and we reached out to other local departments.

@amytabb And if you are in a multidisciplinary area of research, you can even identify people in other departments within the same university, so that the travel is minimal (if at all) and coordinating (or finding people to coordinate) is much easier. It's the kind of thing you can start figuring out over coffee (or, in today's world, it's even easier, as Zoom did not exist at the time I did my undergrad)

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